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Customer Testifies Bondini 2 Super Glue Is A Winner For Him!

September 29th, 2013
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DimeAndNickelCueTipRadii[Photo Credit:  Dime & Nickel Radius Cue Sticks Picture via Wikipedia]

Super Glue Corporation customers provide the best feedback for our Product Development and Marketing Teams.  Here’s a testimonial about our terrific Bondini 2 product sent in by Michael P.:

“I used Bondini 2 when it came out years ago for my pool sticks as I was playing in tournaments and had knocked my tip off.  After applying the glue to my cue tip it instantly bonded and within minutes I was able to use my stick to win the tournament I had practiced so hard for …. The glue is incredible, not like other superficial glues that claim they work, but I trust and recommend Bondini to anyone out there that wants a low-cost, and trustworthy brand that they can count on.”

Bondini 2 super glue has a cult-like following!  It works great on so many things even oily, and dirty surfaces … It is the perfect product to use for bonding leather cue tips to wood or metal.

Thanks, Michael P., for sending us your story!!!