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Lego Travel Box

May 23rd, 2013
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Traveling with kids can be a challenge primarily because of all of the gear you need to tote along.¬† Clothes and car seats are important, but let’s face it … having TOYS with you can make the difference between easy going and not-so-easy going ūüėČ …. We love this Lego Travel Box idea we found on Pinterest.¬† This treasure chest¬†fits easily into a child’s backpack and will provide hours of fun whether you are in a car, boat or plane!

Check out the¬†actual blog¬†source for details on how to make the cool box.¬† If your travel box is plastic, like the one shown here, be sure to use The Original Super Glue Plastic-Fuse to glue the board to the lid … it’s specially formulated to work on plastics, especially kids’ toys!

Happy Trails!!


Like New! Super Glue & Plastics

February 23rd, 2013
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[Photo Credit:  Shirl in Dallas]

We were thrilled to receive this photo and testimonial from one of our cherished customers in Dallas, Texas.¬† “Shirl” wrote in to tell us how super glue was able to repair one of her household treasures:

“Hi!¬† I have a ‘super glue testimonial’ – I have a Lucite ice bucket that has a detachable lid.¬† The lid fits into the bucket with a small Lucite fob.¬† In my haste the other day the lid fell and the fob broke away from its ‘place’.¬† I used the glue and allowed it to dry and ‘eureka’!!! it worked!!!!¬† Is that good or what???”

Shirl, we think that’s not just good – it’s GREAT!¬† THANKS for sharing your story!¬† Our customers are the most valuable resource our research and development team has in its “toolbox”.¬† Customer stories provide THE BEST product feedback and help us tailor our products to meet the wide variety of¬†challenges¬†our customers encounter on a daily basis.¬† We especially liked this feedback as certain plastics¬†have posed a problem at times, in the past,¬†for super glues.¬†

Plastics today¬†can be¬†made out of many different chemicals and consist of a variety of substrates as many plastics (particularly kids’ toys)¬†are¬†often made from recycled materials.¬† This can be problematic when developing a glue for the general category of¬†“plastics” because the term¬†“plastics” can actually¬†reference a lot of different materials and substrates.¬† We’re glad that¬†The Original Super Glue(R)¬†worked for Shirl’s Lucite ice bucket, but you¬†may appreciate knowing we also have a unique super glue made just for plastics, too.¬† It is called Plastic-Fuse and works when other super glues won’t.¬† The key to this glue is the primer that you¬†apply to¬†the surface of the plastic prior to applying the Future Glue Gel(R).¬† It works best for use with polyethylene and polypropylene based materials also known as “plastics”.¬† This unique product solution – job specific to plastics –¬†came about as a result of customer feedback.¬† We can’t overemphasize how much we¬†value this type of ¬†input!!

If you have a story about how one of our products worked to solve one of your project challenges, or if you haven’t yet found an adhesive product that¬†works well¬†¬†for one of your project challenges,¬†tell us – we want to hear from you –¬†and you may win some free super glue!


Be A Hero – Keep Super Glue Handy!

October 16th, 2012
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Our senior systems analyst is one busy mama!¬† However, it seems she’s found a way to make her job work for her at home as well!¬†

Recently, Syanna wrote in to tell us how she has become a hero at home all because she is able to fix her kids toys in seconds …. “Any broken toy that they have they will ask me … Mommy, can you fix my toy with superglue?”¬† Check out this ‘before and after’ shot of a yoyo Syanna (with her handy tube of super glue) was able to repair … she also¬†fixed the crown (shown in the “after” shot as well) with super glue.¬†¬† She said, “The crown’s top was broken in three pieces.”

[Photo Credit:  Syanna K.]

So …. if you want to¬†score major points¬†at home with your kids (or anyone for that matter) just remember this tip:¬† Be A Hero – Keep Super Glue Handy!

Thanks, Syanna, for sharing your story and pics¬†with us!!¬† P.S. We think you’re a hero at home AND at work ūüôā

Rubik’s Cube Not Hard Enough? Try Extending It …

January 12th, 2010
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Has your regular Rubik’s Cube become boring and mundane … just too easy for you to solve?¬† Try extending your challenge by making a 3x3x5 Rubik’s Cube using the parts from two Rubik’s Cubes and superglue¬†(we suggest Plastic-Fuse(R)).

Check out this video!¬† According to Lo Cug’s blog post it is “Not a very difficult puzzle to solve, but it takes awhile because of the odd shapes it can become.¬† It is actually no different to solve than the 3×3, but the fact that it is non-cubic adds a slight challenge.”¬† Uh, yeah …..!

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