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Using Threadlocker? Here’s A Tip!

December 17th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  2BrothersHobby ]

Ok, so sometimes the simplest tips are THE BEST!  Check this one out from 2BrothersHobby!  They recommend using Pacer’s Z-42 Threadlocker to secure these bolts and screws on their Hansa-Brandenburg ARF seaplane! 

And here’s their terrific, product-saving tip:

“I found it easiest to put a few drops of Thread Locker on an inverted plastic cup so I could dip each fastener in turn, instead of continuously reaching for the bottle and possibly applying too much.”

How great is that?!  The best tips for product use come directly from our consumers!

If you have a great tip for using one of our products let us hear from you and you may win free products!