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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Framed Fish Tank!!

April 29th, 2013
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[Photo Credit:  Glitter ‘N Glue Blog]

Check out this terrific gift idea for Mother’s Day we found on Twitter:  a framed fish tank … so clever!!!  We love the idea of action art and we think moms of all ages will love it, too!!

According the the Glitter ‘N Glue blog, here’s what you’ll need for the project:

– a rectangular aquarium

– a rectangular frame

mounting tape (try ours it’s amazing!)

And then, of course, you’ll need the fish, rocks, and decorations for inside the tank (we have an amazing waterproof epoxy that you can use to attach any castles, trees or coral to the bottom of the tank).  Go to the Glitter ‘N Glue blog for more step by step photos and directions for this project.

We so appreciate creativity and we think mom’s (and even dad’s) will, too!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the MOMS out there!!!  You ROCK!!!

Mounting Orchids To Trees

April 24th, 2012
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orchid[Photo Credit:  East Everglades Orchid Society]

Tropical climates, like Florida and Hawaii, are like heaven to plants.  It is amazing to see how lush and green these moist, humid areas are with their abundant plant life growing on top of other plant life.  On a recent trip to Florida I was remarking to a hotel gardener how gorgeous all of the orchids looked hanging on the palm, oak and ficus trees around the property.  He said they were very easy to do.  You simply tape or wire the plants to the trees and then mist them several times a week!  I am definitely going to try this using our new E-Z Fuse tape the next time my orchid loses all of its blooms!  Not sure it will work as well in dry, temperate southern California, but we’ll see!  Check out this article from the East Everglades Orchid Society for more tips for growing orchids on trees! 

Let us know if you’d like to try our new E-Z Fuse tape for mounting orchids to trees.  We’ll send you a free sample!  (Note:  Free sample supplies are limited.)  Use the code “E-Z Fuse Orchids” in your request and don’t forget to include your mailing/shipping address.