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3D Rapid Prototyping and Super Glue

May 24th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Sean Charlesworth Popular Mechanics article]

Do It Yourselfers are using 3D Rapid Prototyping to create all kinds of unique models of their own design.  The toy model shown here was created from scratch using a 3D printer.  Specific instructions can be found in the Popular Mechanics article, “How to fabricate a Toy Model from Scratch” by Sean Charlesworth.

It’s amazing to think that the prototyping process has evolved into one that can be accomplished on a home model 3D printer!  Formerly it was a much more cumbersome process using costly commercial printers.  The renderings are time consuming, but computer generation has simplified that process a lot as well.

According to Sean Charlesworth’s article, this toy design was formed in layers from the printing process, then coated in super glue to make it stronger, “but still delicate like ceramic”.  “It looks and feels like it’s made out of sugar and can be sanded and painted.”  Isn’t technology amazing?

Model Mania

March 3rd, 2011
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 [Video Credit:  Hoggamadog on You Tube ]

In an age where computers, televisions, ipads, ipods, and extreme technology seem to rule it is interesting to note how many hobbyists are still hard at work building scale models in their spare time.  We hear from all kinds of model builders, including scale model builders, who use our glues and cyanoacrylates to recreate accurate model replicas of airplanes, trains, cars, trucks, buildings, dioramas, ships, wargames (real and fictional) and more.

These niche markets attract hundreds and thousands of creative people who, along with assembling model kits and designing their own models, usually spend many, many hours researching the history, life and times, surrounding the models they build.  We think these people are amazing.  Preserving history is so important and these crafters are helping ensure that the images from our past can be viewed and recalled with accuracy for generations to come.  

Our company has a deep and wide connection with these creative producers.  Here’s a quote from the About Us page on the Super Glue Corporation website:  “From our humble roots producing hobby airplane kits, Super Glue Corporation/Pacer Technology has grown exponentially over the last four decades to become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of high grade bonding agents.”  Our premium brand cyanoacrylate product, Zap(R), seems to be a preferred adhesive product of model builders (note the bottle of Zap A Gap sitting on the work table for the ship in the video above).  We take our role in this model mania very seriously and our research and development team works hand in hand with hobbyists to continue to create the best products possible to meet the specific needs of the people using our products.

If you are a hobbyist specializing in model making we want to hear from you!  Your challenges are our challenges!  Share your stories with us and you may win free sample products!

Creative Centerpieces

January 3rd, 2011
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SG-Centerpiece-1-300x225SG-Centerpiece-1-300x225Check out these awesome centerpieces made with Super Glue Corporation’s proprietary caps, bottles, and tips! 

Over the holiday season Super Glue Corporation employees were encouraged to submit centerpieces for the annual employee luncheon.  These two were this Chief Blogger’s favorites because of their unique use of our products!

Many of you may not know that along with what’s inside all of our products we also manufacture our own bottles, tips and caps using proprietary resins to ensure product compatibility and increased shelf life!

Kit Car Tip

October 20th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Lighting the Fire Blog]

Many of you know that the practical roots for several of Super Glue Corporation’s most popular products come from the model/hobby world so we are always intrigued when we see stories and tips from model car, airplane, and train enthusiasts.

In a blog posting titled “Science Club” Jill wrote:  kids are “learning about force and motion and gravity …”.  She goes on to say that they built kit cars and used a ramp to illustrate the different concepts they were teaching.  She said, “the cars that we built last week made it down the ramp – at least once. We changed the angle of the ramp a few times to see how that would affect the speed and pushed the cars uphill to show forces at work.  When the wheels really did start to come off, the children switched to lego cars.  Note for next time: super glue the wheels.”

Great tip, Jill!  A drop of super glue works to fasten small parts on all types of models.  We get emails all the time about how The Original Super Glue(R) and ZAP(R) products are being used to create amazing scale models that are entered into all kinds of competitive events.  They hold up under incredibly difficult crashes and conditions.  We agree that there will be no more wheel frustrations if your kids use a drop of super glue on their kit cars next time around!  Good luck and thanks for all you’re doing to help kids learn by experimentation – that’s awesome!!

How Do You Use Super Glue?

July 21st, 2010
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We  love hearing from consumers of our products.  Many people write in and tell us their stories about how they use Super Glue Corporation products.  This information is very important to us.  We track this valuable information and use it in our research and development process.

We are particularly impressed that our loyal customers are so honest and forthcoming with their tips … we also like that satisfied consumers tend to spread the great news about our products … we know that word of mouth advertising is the very best thing in the world and we appreciate every bit we get!   Here’s some of the interesting feedback we recently received:

1.  N.Y. states:  “I use it on my models, cars and trucks where the model glue won’t work, your stuff does awesome wonders …”

2. R.B.N. states:  “Super Glue Folks, Never in my life have I used a product as useful as this.  The gel is easy to use and most important, it can be used for several applications.  It is the best money spent in a long time.  Great product.”

3.  D.N. writing about Bondini Gel states:  “I use it to put the cue tips on my cue sticks.  It works great … some people said that it wouldn’t work and the tips would come off -Not$!!!!!!”

4.  A.P.  states:  “I have dreadlox that are about 2 feet long in the longest places and sometimes they break for various reasons.  Anyway I have been using your product specifically, because [competitor’s] doesn’t last.  I’ve used super glue to mend or re-attach my lox when they break or fallout, and its the only thing I trust.  I’ve been growing my hair for 9 years, so I’m glad to have such a perfect product to trust … thank you Super Glue, the Dreadlox’s friend.”

5.  M.L.D. writing about the Accutool states:  “The best thing I like about your Super Glue Accutool is that it’s the only product of it’s kind that I can use repeatedly with confidence that it won’t be glued to itself.  Every time I’ve used it, the lid comes off easily, and it dispenses the glue just like it did the first time I used it.  Thank you very much for saving me a lot of frustration.”

6.  T.D.G. states:  “I am one of the rosary makers at Santa Tersita in Buena Vista, Duarte, CA. … I am one of the two who do the knot/cord rosary.  I have tried all types of glue to harden or firm the cord/knot crucifix in the rosary … I was about to give up making the knot/cord rosaries … a clerk … advised me to try the 2 pack super glue #19108 … I did one cord rosary & tried the glue in the cord crucifix and I couldn’t believe it.  It not only hardens/firms the cord/knot crucifix, but it was very clean & clear.  Since then I & the other knot/cord rosary makers are buying the 2 pack #19108 super glue.”

7.  J.C. states:  “I always buy your product and use it for the application of my artificial nails.  It comes out very easily.  I like the size of the bottle (easy to carry in my purse or pocket).  I would recommend it to my friends.”

8.  J.J. states:  “This may not sound like much but the passenger side door mirror on my grandmas car kept getting broken off from her backing out of the garage.  We had tried new complete mirrors, then epoxy, then wired it on which she couldn’t stand.  Then just to see if it would work I took the old mirror and used super glue to bond it back on to the door and after about 5-10 minutes I let go and it held.  The great part of this is after trying those other options and she kept hitting the garage door frame the super glue held and is still holding and has been hit four times that I know of that she has told us.  I am the only person doing these repairs so I am very happy with the outcome, and my grandmother needs the mirror on as she’s 87 years old.  Thank You I have told everyone.”

9.  S.C. states:  “When I graduated college in 1970, I was given a money clip with a sold silver coin-shaped ingot on it as decoration.  I have carried it since.  About 5 years ago the ingot came off of the clip, due to the rivet keeping the ingot bezel on the clip breaking after so long.  I used Super Glue to re-attach the ingot and have carried the clip since.”

10. J.S. writing about Vinyl/Leather Mender“When I have cuts in leather jackets and car seats or booths I use it to mend and then fill in with Pro 2, another product, and then I dye the leather.”

This is just a small sampling of the feedback … we’ll share more next time. We would love to hear from you!  Share your stories, about how you use Super Glue Corporation’s products and you may win some free product samples.

“Rail Zip is used on all our exhibition layouts & gives superb results.”

August 10th, 2009
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We love hearing from our customers. This story recently came in from Peter C in the UK. “…our local model railway (railroad to you guys) club uses many of your products including superglues, rail zip etc because quite simply they are the best. I use rail zip on our exhibition layout and recommend it to many here in the UK as the best means of cleaning track. At one show we were asked how our layouts run so well? The answer of course was rail zip. This product means that we can go all weekend without further cleaning of the track and our models run superbly with just a wipe over on the Saturday evening. Some complain that it leaves a residue but we explain that they seem to be using it incorrectly. It’s best put on then left overnight before a thorough clean as rail zip continues working after it is applied. A fantastic product and I do hope that you continue to export to the UK …” [Note:  We will absolutely continue exporting to the UK and more than 60 other countries as well!]

Do-it-Yourself Magnetic Movement Trays | The Screaming Alpha

July 21st, 2009
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Look, ma! No hands!

Look, ma! No hands!

Straight from the DIY files for Figuring Fanatics, this post  outlines how to create that perfect presentation of your little ones. Note: super glue is used to create the stands, not to get all the figures to stay put. Bonus: nifty use of magnetic paint!

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