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Nautical Themed Bedroom! Stick with the Details!!

June 24th, 2013
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This nautical themed bedroom is terrific!  It’s all DIY and filled with creativity!  We love the porthole mirror idea!!!  It was handmade with simple craft supplies from Michaels!  The round wooden piece was spray painted white, and the small birch buttons were painted gold, and then both the smaller round mirror and the gold buttons were attached using super glue!!

You can find more of the nautical bedroom ideas and all of the details for how it was created by going directly to  the blog.  Fresh and Fun!  We love it!!


Glassy Girl’s Weekend Party Favors ..

February 7th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  SJH]

Nowadays, we are always hearing about fun, getaway weekends busy moms are taking to relax and rejuvenate with friends while hardworking dads take a break and bond (two words we love! :)) with the kids at home.  Recently, Sheli and some of her favorite “mom” friends did just that – took off for a weekend together in Palm Desert.

Check out these amazing party favors, Sheli created for her friends, commemorating the weekend!  Using colorful rhinestones from Michael’s, The Original Super Glue(R) glass adhesive, and Riedel stemless wine glasses, Sheli was able to personalize the party favors while also ensuring that everyone could find their own glass all weekend long (hence less dishwashing … something all the moms were looking forward to avoiding).  On the backs of the glasses she etched the date and place.  She told us that Super Glue Corporation’s glass adhesive worked great for this project because she was able to continue to move the rhinestones into place until she chose the time to take them out into the sun to cure the glue.  With the chemistry of this product, a UV cure is the only way the glue will set allowing you to control when the glue will set the stones permanently in place!  The glue also dries crystal clear!

Super clever idea, Sheli!!  Thanks for letting us share it with our readers!!