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Save Your Wine Corks!

January 7th, 2015
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wine cork coasters


The holidays have sadly come to an end, but don’t throw away those corks from your wine bottles just yet! Here are few simple and adorable DIY projects you can do using wine corks and super glue. You can create this project for your home or give them as a belated Christmas gift. Everyone will love this project!

What You Need:

Heat Protector Trivets

A trivet is a small plate that is placed underneath a hot pot to protect surfaces and now you can make your own. The best part about this craft is that you can create any design you want. The amounts of corks you need will depend on how big you want your trivet to be. You will also need heavy cardboard stock or wood – any material that won’t melt under hot pans or pots.

Start by cutting your wine corks in half, lengthwise, and then begin placing super glue on the flat surface and placing them on your cardstock or your chosen material. Continue doing so until your entire cardstock is glued with corks. Since super glue dries so easily you can use it right away!


This is a great DIY gift everyone will love. Set aside about 8 corks for each coaster and begin pairing them. Using super glue connect two of them together until you have four pairs. You can then glue one pair vertically and the other horizontally, and that’s it! If you are giving these to someone, put them on top of each other and tie it with ribbon for an adorable house warming present!

Cork Magnets

All you need to create your wine cork magnets are a few corks and non-decorated magnets. Start by cutting the wine cork in half and then take your super glue and apply a small amount to the flat end of the cork and add your magnet. Each wine cork can make two magnets. You can paint them or decorate them however you want or you can leave them as is to show off your favorite wine brands.

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Make Your Own Smart Cover For IPAD

March 21st, 2011
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Well, once again, the latest, coolest trend from 6 months ago is now dated and “old school”; something newer and cooler has hit stores!  In this case, it’s the Ipad 2 … replacing its predecessor, the Ipad 1, but guess what?  Using a little super glue and some magnets – you can upgrade your old Ipad with the latest smart cover!

We loved this blog The Russians Used A Pencil!  It clearly describes the process for transforming your Ipad 1 with the Ipad 2 smart cover.  Here’s how simple it is according to this blog:

“To place the magnets, I stuck them first to the magnetized hinge of the Smart Cover. I slid them around until they became locked into a position. This ended being asymmetrical, but I didn’t mind. I then lined up the cover with the iPad and used masking tape to mark where the magnets should be placed. I wanted this to be a somewhat permanent solution, so I used super glue to affix the magnets to the iPad.”

Check out the instructive video here:

Smart Cover for iPad 1 from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

Yay, it’s good to know we can be hip again with the help of these creative guys, some magnets, and a few drops of super glue!!

Magnets Make Super Glue A Temporary Solution

February 17th, 2010
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UBS port and Zap[Photo Credit:  IdShed blog]

As many people know, or find out, super glue is an awesome problem solver, but it involves good news and bad news.  Good news = it’s a pretty permanent solution, and sometimes, bad news = it’s a pretty permanent solution.  We recently came across a great, creative blog post by Id where he combined magnets and super glue to design a temporary, permanent fix for adding extra USB ports to his desktop PC while enabling the ports to also be easily transfered to his laptop as well.

The blog post is titled, “Home Office – Pimp Your Rig”  and the post begins:

“I wanted to add some extra USB ports to my desktop PC, so I bought a cheap, generic 4 port USB hub. Excellent value, works perfectly, but – it’s another piece of clutter on my already busy desk.

I didn’t want to glue the hub to my PC, it felt too permanent a solution, I may want to use the hub with my laptop. Fortunately my PC has a pressed steel case- the perfect subject for magnets …”

By using Zap-A-Gap super glue to attach the magnets to the USB port, Id was able to increase the number of USB ports on either his PC or laptop making for a very clever temporary permanent solution!  We can think of several other situations where super glue combined with magnets might be a great way to benefit from the great strength and holding power of super glue while also maintaining some flexibility for easy removal.  Great idea!

Note:  Debonders can also be helpful for removing unwanted super glue, but be sure to test the substrate to make sure that the powerful debonder won’t cause unwanted damage to whatever it is you are gluing/un-gluing.