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Guitar Repair Tip!

August 5th, 2013
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Workshop_luthier[Photo Credit:  Wikipedia:  Luthier]

The most interesting tips and information we receive come directly to us from our customers often via the send us your story link on our website!

Here’s one of our recent favorites from P. Grover:

“I use your Z-Poxy finishing resin as a wood filler on all electric guitars that I refinish.  I apply several light coats (thinned with denatured alcohol) and sand flat until the surface of the guitar body is smooth and flat as glass.  I then spray the bodies with multiple coats of color and clean lacquer.  The results are stunning.  I love Z-Poxy and recommend it to friends.  Thanks.”


We agree, pt40Z-Poxy Finishing Resin (pictured here)  is a great product!  The product was originally developed for the remote control airplane custom modeller for use in fiber-glassing the center section of a wing or the entire airplane.  It has also been used for sealing model boat hulls.  The product bonds directly to itself and does not get brittle with age.  It sands easily for a smooth finish and is compatible with a variety of polyester resins.

Using it for guitar refinishing and repair is a wonderful idea!

According to guitar finisher P. Grover:  “I learned about Z-Poxy finishing resin from a professional luthier.  I am an amateur.  I would not refinish a guitar body from bare wood without first using Z-Poxy as a wood grain filler and surface leveler.  It accepts lacquer color and clear coats very well.  Great product!”

We think you all will agree with us that there is nothing like an actual customer testimonial to make you trust a product.  We sincerely thank P. Grover for this terrific tip!!