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Life Saving Super Glue To The Rescue For Kansas Baby!

June 10th, 2013
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According to a story published on June 9, 2013 by FoxNews.Com, a baby at the University of Kansas Hospital was saved from a “traumatic hemorrhage” by doctors and super glue

Ashlyn Julian, a 3 week old baby girl, had a MRI that, according to the article, “revealed an olive-size aneurysm that was causing bleeding in her brain”.   Apparently such aneurysms are very rare in children and so, according to neurosurgeon Dr. Koji Ebersole in the article, “No infant-size tools are made for treating the condition … Wary of the approach typically used for adult patients – opening the skull to operate on the aneurysm – Ebersole and a team of doctors from several area hospitals on Wednesday decided to repair Ashlyn’s brain from the inside.” 

The surgical procedure involved brain imaging machinery, a catheter and ultimately “Ebersole was able to deposit the sterile, surgical superglue on the affected blood vessel.  The glue dried in seconds and created an internal cast, sealing the blood vessel …. ‘It’s literally the same compound as the superglue you’d find in the store,’ Ebersole said.”

The procedure is very rare and it may have been the first time it was ever performed on an infant.  Check out the full article for all of the facts!  Wow, we knew super glue was incredible, but life saving puts it in a whole new realm!!

Thank you, Dr. Harry Coover, for your amazing invention!!!