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Lego Travel Box

May 23rd, 2013
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Traveling with kids can be a challenge primarily because of all of the gear you need to tote along.¬† Clothes and car seats are important, but let’s face it … having TOYS with you can make the difference between easy going and not-so-easy going ūüėČ …. We love this Lego Travel Box idea we found on Pinterest.¬† This treasure chest¬†fits easily into a child’s backpack and will provide hours of fun whether you are in a car, boat or plane!

Check out the¬†actual blog¬†source for details on how to make the cool box.¬† If your travel box is plastic, like the one shown here, be sure to use The Original Super Glue Plastic-Fuse to glue the board to the lid … it’s specially formulated to work on plastics, especially kids’ toys!

Happy Trails!!


Lego Storage Transforms into Wall Art!!

December 13th, 2012
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 [Photo Credit:  365 Days of Pinterest Creations blog via Shelley Huff on Pinterest


 We love this awesome lego storage idea we saw on Pinterest!! 

Clever mom blogger, Kirsty Colquhoun, author of 365 Days of Pinterest Creations blog, tells us she originally got the wall art idea from Felix on Mi Muller, but Kirsty takes the next big step and shows us how to make them! 

First, purchase the 2×2 lego blocks and then, using super glue, ¬†mount them to frames purchased at Ikea!¬† How easy is that??¬† Almost instantly your mini figures have permanent homes¬†brilliantly¬†displayed prominently as wall art¬†AND the best part is¬†the figures can¬†still be removed any time they are needed for play!!¬† (Be sure to check out all of the details for construction on 365 Days of Pinterest Creations blog.)

Clever, Clever … we are impressed!¬† Great idea and cool art, too!!