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TOP GUN RC Airshow May 1 – 5, 2013 25th ANNIVERSARY!

April 25th, 2013
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Congratulations to Frank Tiano on the 25th Anniversary of his TOP GUN RC Scale Airplane Airshow and Competition, May 1 -5, 2013,  in Lakeland, Florida.  ZAP adhesives have been proud sponsors each and every year!!

FTE_TG_2013_ad_USA_Web_1_15_13-767x1024[Photo Credit:  Frank Tiano Enterprises]

Giant Scale RC Aircraft Shows & RC Warbird Event Sponsored by ZAP

October 24th, 2011
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[Photo Credits:  Sam Wright – Pictured: Herschel Worthy]

Check out these AMAZING Monster Planes!  These giant scale RC Aircraft were recently showcased at the Monster Plane USA event in Lakeland, Florida.  This unique event is not a competition, but an opportunity to show off and FLY these incredible model airplanes weighing up to 125 pounds!  ZAP(R) is a proud sponsor of the Monster Planes events and we received the following specifics on these planes from representatives attending the event:

“The Bucker Jungmiester is 50%or 1/2 of the full size with a 143 inch wingspan.  The yellow bi-plane is all wood built up with ZAP(R), and the P-47 has a composite fuselage with a wood sheeted wing and tail.  This type of event is great for new builders …” 

ZAP(R) adhesives were originated for the model rocket, miniature railroad, and radio-controlled (RC) airplane hobby worlds.  Specific formulas of ZAP(R) were developed for use on plastic, fiberglass, balsa wood, and metal.  ZAP(R) is durable and versatile and is recognized as having extreme resistance to breakage and failure.  When you see the amount of hard work that goes into these hobbies you can appreciate how important it is to trust the products used in constructing the projects.   Strong bonds have formed between the manufacturers of ZAP adhesives and the hobbyists who use the products.  Events like these provide wonderful opportunities to meet, greet, and brainstorm ideas on how products can continuously be improved to keep up with developments in the each specific hobby.

Frank Tiano is the mastermind behind some of the great showcase events for RC aircraft model planes and ZAP(R) glues have been associated with Frank all along the way!   Starting with Top Gun (an elite competition for RC scale planes and jets), Monster Planes (an event featuring Giant Scale RC aircraft weighing up to 125 pounds) and the upcoming Twelve O’Clock High event (a new, exciting RC Warbird Event featuring all sizes of aircraft flown from 1914-1954).  These weekend long events are great fun for RC Aircraft builders and provide an opportunity for families, and interested spectators, to get an up close and personal look at all of the research, hard work, and detail that go into the RC Aircraft building hobby.

If you are ever in the Lakeland, Florida area you will definitely want to catch one of these fascinating airshows!  Who knows? … You may find yourself caught up in a whole new hobby!




Extreme Gift Idea May Launch Passionate New Hobby!

December 15th, 2009
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FTE_TG_2010_Web_ad [Photo Credit: Frank Tiano Enterprises]

Looking for an extreme gift idea for your creative engineer this holiday season? How about this? Wrap up a radio control, scale, model airplane kit for your loved one (age 10 – 100) to design, construct, and fine-tune during the cold, winter months. Include an airplane ticket or two, with accomodations, to the Top Gun “Invitation Only” competition in sunny Lakeland, Florida April 28 – May 2, 2010.  There you, and your lucky gift recipient, will witness the best in class in model aviation.

You actually forget you’re watching radio controlled models as custom-designed, precise, reduced-to-scale, model aircraft perform maneuvers, loops, fly-bys and more; taking off and landing on an actual landing strip.  Judges, who are experts in the field, determine the category winners and ultimately award the biggest prize to the “Top Gun” of the year. It is an amazing event and Pacer Technology, maker of Zap adhesives, has been a proud sponsor of the event since its inception. For more information on this exciting event visit Frank Tiano Enterprises . We know their team of experts can set you up with an exciting adventure filled gift/hobby in time for the holidays!

To get an idea of what kind of interest your extreme gift might spark check out this video from last year’s event: