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Happy Easter – Happy Spring!

March 30th, 2010
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Easter-Egg-Anemometer-Wind-Speed-Meter[Photo Credit:  Instructables]

Ah!  The signs of Spring are everywhere … YAY! … The snow is melting, new leaves are sprouting on the trees, flowers are blooming in the gardens, new baby birds are chirping away …. and of course, in many parts of our country, the winds are vigorously helping usher in the season …

We love this seasonal Easter Egg anemometer (instrument for measuring wind force and speed).  All it takes to make it is an inexpensive analog multimeter, some super glue, and a few other supplies you probably already have, on hand, in your tool chest.  (For complete instructions click on the Instructables website link here.)

Another sign of Spring is that Earth Day is approaching.  April 22, 2010 will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  The inspiration for Earth Day came about as a way to celebrate our environment and this amazing planet Earth!   Today millions of people celebrate by spending the day cleaning up beaches and fields; planting trees; walking to work; helping educate children about recycling and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and a multitude of other ways.  There are lots of websites dedicated to helping people learn about things they can do, on an individual or group basis, to make the world a better place.  Check out the U.S. government’s Environmental Protection Agency website for some history and tips about this special day.

Super Glue is a great product to have on hand for your reuse/recycle projects.  So many people use it to fix and repair things that would otherwise have to be thrown away.  It’s amazing how easy it is to bring things back to their original condition with just a drop or two of super glue.  It is instant gratification and helps save the Earth a little bit each time, too! 

Super Glue can also be used to make something new out of something old.  We love to hear from the creative crafters who use our adhesive products to make something entirely new.  Often these new artifacts are created using recycled items.  We love to highlight these projects in our blog as they are really impressive. 

For this blog, we’ll close with a clever, cute, recycle idea using the same plastic Easter Eggs that created the Easter Egg anemometer we discussed earlier …. Easter Rattlesnakes!


[Photo Credit:  Instructables]

It’s a silly idea, but it looks like a fun project that will keep the kids busy long after the last Easter Egg is found at the end of the hunt!  Directions for this great reuse/recycle project can be found on the Instructables website.  All it takes is glue and YOU!

We’re heading into a brand new season of the year!  We wish you and yours all the joys that a spectacular Spring can bring!!

Young Adult Engineers Need Super Glue!

September 3rd, 2009
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[Photo Credit:  Boy Scouts of America]

It’s September and school is starting! A time when Odyssey of the Mind groups begin and science teachers introduce the criteria for science fair projects and Science Olympiad – even though the actual events may not happen for quite some time, a lot of planning is required for those winning designs.   It’s also a time of year when many scouting and afterschool groups  kick off their year long activities.  It’s all creative and lots of fun!

Pinewood Derby events have been around for decades and kids (and parents) really get into the planning and preparation involved with coming up with those winning designs.  Here is a funny story from one of our customers, Rita, who told about some of the trials and tribulations involved with building her son’s third place finishing car:

“I never realized how great super glue worked until I had to help my son make a derby car for Boy Scouts.  The super glue worked so well that our hands were stuck together and still after two weeks my son accidentaly glued a washer and a nut to my wooden dining room table.  The good news is my son came in third place with his Derby car and I almost have the nut and washer off my table.  So hats off to super glue, glue that finally works.”

[Blogger’s Note:  Finding a glue that actually works (as Rita describes above) is tricky.  White glues and glue sticks made just for kids often lack the strength necessary for intricate, engineering-based projects.  Super Glue Corporation’s ACCUTOOL (original formula) and (gel formula) would be the  best super glue product for young adults to use UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.  Cyanoacrylates are GREAT glues, but they are dangerous for young people to use – so we only suggest they be used under the conditions described above where young people are creating and learning under adult supervision.  Super Glue Corporation product designers designed the ACCUTOOL dispenser to have pinpoint accuracy allowing you to apply the glue exactly where you want it with much less mess than traditional super glue tubes.  Conscientious teachers and leaders may want to have the ACCUTOOL available for those projects requiring instant set times and strength.]

Sculptors Like Super Glue’s Strength and Instant Set Time

August 31st, 2009
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One of our customers, Chuck, wrote in to tell us about his unique woodworking hobby and how super glue helps:  “I’ve been sculpting various vessels lately, from bowls to candle holders, starting from multiple glued-up layers of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and then carving the build-up with various power tools, from chain saws to grinders to disk sanders.  Obviously I require Super Glue’s strength here, because the glue joints undergo considerable stress during the tooling, especially as the wall of a vessel becomes thinner and thinner.  But a more important advantage of Super Glue is the almost instant set time.  Clamping these many layers all at once with normal woodworking glue would be extremely awkward, inaccurate, and time-consuming.  Whereas with Super Glue I can add layers one at a time, squeezing each new layer with my hands for the specified 15 seconds, almost like using contact cement (but faster, and with re-positioning briefly possible).”

[Super Glue Blogger’s Note:  Super Glue Corporation sells contact cements, and wood glues, but we can see how super glue would work best for this artist’s uses.  Instant adhesives do save time and add strength at the same time.  Thanks for the tip, Chuck!!]

Super Glue & Sticky Fingers

August 12th, 2009
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Here’s an out-take from our recent product knowledge video shoot – You’ll notice Super Glue somtimes sticks instantly to our fingers, too! 🙂

Super Glue Out-take from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.