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WELL SAID: When Customers Speak Super Glue Corporation Listens!!

August 12th, 2013
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The best part of our day here at Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology is hearing from customers!  Whether they call us, or send us their story via our website, there is nothing we like better than talking to our customers.  I guess the fact that we have great, tried and true, products helps!!  😉

The majority of Super Glue Corporation customers – users of our brands like The Original Super Glue, Pro Seal, Bondini, ZAP, Front Porch Treasures, and Pacer Industrial – are very happy with our products’ performance.  Of course, every once in awhile they write in to ask us to perfect the product more or tweak it for their specific need; or to ask us where they can find our products, but we enjoy hearing these comments as well … they help us improve!

As a company, our roots were with the Remote Control model airplane business (this has now morphed into a whole new arena called drones!) … Many of our products were originally purposed for the hobby end of the industry.  Turns out this is a great foundation as hobbyists are some of the most detail oriented and precise people in the world!  They know what they need, they want what they need and they don’t let up until they get what they need for each part of their building process!!  Therefore, we have managed to build up quite a wide selection of high performance, job-specific products.  Many of these products end up being very multi-functional and work great across many genres!

This is where the fun comes in for us!  Hearing from people who love our products and depend on them for uses far beyond their original purpose …. we never imagined all the crossover uses, but it seems logical once you realize that many of the same issues occur in a wide arrange of hobbies, crafts, do-it-yourself projects and other fields! 

Here’s just one example of a cross-over product use:  FLY TYING!

fly-tying[Photo Credit:  Wikipedia:  Fly tying]

We say, “WELL SAID” to our customer B. Byrd who wrote in to tell us:  “I have used many adhesives for finishing flys and there is nothing on the market that even compares to the strength and virtual invisibility of Zap-a-Gap.  I would like to pass on to beginning tiers to not waste their time trying any other product!”

Thank You!  Once again, a satisfied customer made our day!!

ZapAGap1[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation website]

Don’t waste your time trying other products!! 🙂


Hobbies and Holidays – Hold On To Your Wheels!

October 16th, 2012
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are truly thankful for our amazing customers.  Consumer stories keep us informed and up-to-date on product specifications that work for our customers and enable them (you) to do the things they (you) enjoy! 

Holidays are the perfect time for family fun!  And whether you are into hobbies where you build things, like model-making, or hobbies where you go places, like bike riding, you need to make sure you hold on to your wheels!

[Photo Credit:  Keep Your Wheels On blog]

We recently ran across this great blog post by aviation enthusiast and modeler Thayer Syme titled Keep Your Wheels On!  In it the author gives a great tip for doing just that – reinforcing the wheels on the RC model’s axel by adding a few drops of our removable threadlocker product, Pacer Z-42 (pictured): 

[Photo Credit:  Keep Your Wheels On Blog Post]

He says, “Grinding a flat on the axel and applying a drop of Pacer’s Z-42 Threadlocker ensures the best possible chance of secure mounting with wheel collars.”

The author goes on to suggest, “while wheel collars are handy and easy to use they aren’t always appropriate.  They can look out of scale  on smaller models and add unnecessary weight … I’ll often use a lightweight cotter pin instead …”  You should read the entire blog post as the author, Thayer Syme, is very descriptive and technical.  He gives excellent advice for securing RC model airplane wheels and you don’t want to miss one step! 

We particularly liked this reinforcement process though because he ends it by mentioning another product of ours ZAP:  “While you can solder it to the axle, I usually just use a drop or two of thin Zap super glue to hold the tubing in place.”

So if your hobby is model airplanes we know that Pacer’s Z-42 removable threadlocker, and ZAP will keep those wheels secure, but what about if your hobby is bikeriding?

[Photo Credit:  Gear Post from Tall Guy On A Bike blog]

Turns out Pacer’s Z-42 removable threadlocker is a great product for holding onto bigger wheels as well.  According to Tall Guy On A Bike blog the bicycle pictured here took him “across the country … The most important part of a touring bike – the wheels … dripped some Pacer Z-42 removable threadlock into the spoke ends and the wheels stayed true for the entire ride.”  Again, great news and we appreciate the shout out! 

It’s important to know that our products are successful in keeping hobbyists and sports enthusiasts in good working order so they (you) can go about the business of enjoying what they (you) love to do!

Please continue to blog about our products and also send us your stories.  It is really important that we keep in touch with our customers and know how our products can best meet your needs.  We are super thankful for all of our customers and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and terrific beginning to a holiday season filled with lots of time for doing all of the things you love to do!!  Hold onto your wheels … here we go!


Wild Fowl Carver Loves Zap-A-Gap Glue!

September 15th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Kenneth Kincade]

Wow, check out these amazing hand carved ducks!  Our customer, Kenneth Kincade, sent us these terrific pictures.  He “hand carves life size competition grade decorative duck water fowl”.

Kenneth told us he “started carving on a challenge from another wood carver.  He showed me a carving he just finished and asked me how it looked, when I told him how to make it better, I was told to carve my own and see if mine was any better.  My bird came in 2nd at the Louisiana Wildfowl Carvers Show that is held in September of every year.  As a novice carver I was hooked on wood carving.  That was in 1983.  Now at 68, I compete in the Louisiana Wildfowl World Championship and in Maryland’s Ward Brothers Wildfowl Competition in August.”

Another carver first told Kenneth about Zap-A-Gap glue.  Now Kenneth says, “Wow, What great glue!”

We say, “Wow, What great carvings!” … We’re amazed by your work, Kenneth.  Thanks for sharing your story with us so we can share your photos with our readers!  We’re happy to know super talented artists like you depend on our products!

Gamers Like Perfection

November 13th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  War Machine Soul Blog]

We are always amazed by the millions of different specialized interests and hobbies there are in the world.  Our motto is “Adhering to Excellence” and we find that others who Adhere to Excellence tend to be like-minded and are as attracted to our products as we are to theirs!

Recently we ran across this amazing blog post on the War Machine Soul blog.  In the picture of supplies used for the project we were proud to see Zap-A-Gap  featured.  Modelers have found our ZAP(R) brand super glue products can be used to modify features in preformed kits, like the Privateer Press Avatar of Menoth sword.

Issac Newland writes in the blog: 

“Time for a project! I purchased an Avatar of Menoth warjack to add to my slowly expanding Protectorate army. I really like the model with all of its flowing shoulder cloth and pipe organ style steam boiler. However! I despise its’ sword. In the game rules, the Avatar has “reach” with its’ weapon, meaning it has 4 times the range of a standard weapon. Great, you’d think this would be a rather large weapon then. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s about an inch long, it’s sad really. So, after wandering through some forums I got the idea to lengthen it myself.”

So, using the items in the photograph above he sets about adapting the kit sword to meet his desired specifications.  Amazing precision and craftsmanship are used to get the results he wants.  We are impressed!  Check out the actual blog post for details into this fascinating other world.

Once again we salute hobbyists and your wide range of interests and talents!