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May 21st, 2012
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[Mic-a-rt Pictures Photo Credit:  Richard Grant]

Artist, Richard Grant, sent us these fantastic pictures of his art work currently on display at Mt. Mann in Bethel, Maine.  He wrote in to tell us that he is using our Fix-All product to adhere mica over his art work. 

He writes, “The mica art is like reflective glass as light bounces off it in different ways.  But on one hand that adds a depth to the pieces and on the other hand makes them hard to photograph … The see through effect is what I need.  I get it with Fix-All … The glue that works the best is transparent when it dries as each piece of artwork is covered with Mica, the mineral I mine in Maine.”

Richard Grant’s bio states that he studied under Walter Feldman, Brown University.  He works with oils, watercolors and ink.  In the last few years he has been working to create mixed media works, adding the mineral mica to watercolors and ink.  He mines the mica in southern Maine.  Clear mica from the Perham Mines, black mica from Mount Apatite and golden mica from the Bumpus Quarry are used in his art.  The mic-a-rt is lanced with an incandescent light that shifts with movement or a change in the focus of a light source.  Richard lives in Kingston, RI and can be contacted at

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Richard.  We are very impressed with your work!!