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Dermatologists Recommend Super Glue

January 13th, 2011
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We’ve been hearing it from our customers for years, but now even dermatologists are recommending it:  Super Glue Can Help With Dry Skin!

According to an article, by Kim Painter, in USA Today, there are “five ways to save your hands from winter” according to “American Academy of Dermatology members Barbara Reed of Denver and Thomas Rohrer of Chestnut Hill, Mass.”

In a nutshell, here are the five ways the dermatologists recommend dealing with dry winter hands:

1.  Moisturize

2. Wear gloves (in the house and outside)

3. Wash well using moisturizing soaps or non-soap cleanser (anti-bacterial soaps are not recommended as they are drying)

4. Seal the cracks with ointment, bandages, or – super glue. [Blogger’s Note:  Validation! Love it! :)]

5. Know when your hands need help – If you see signs of infection, get medical attention.

Winter can be great fun … so many great activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, sledding to enjoy … but the cold, bitter, dryness can take its toll.  Make sure you keep a HANDy supply of moisturizers, gloves, ointment, bandages and super glue in your winter emergency medical kit!  ENJOY!

Fly Tying Tip using Future Glue

July 22nd, 2009
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Creg, a satisfied customer recently sent in this super glue story … “For over 40 years I have enjoyed trout fishing and tying artificial insect patterns to entice the trout to strike.  Over the years I have used numerous types of head cements that were commercially manufactured and available specifically for fly tying at sporting goods stores … A little over a year ago I found that I had inadvertently left the top off of my head cement container and the head cement had hardened beyond use.  Now I had a dilemma, I needed to tie some flies for an upcoming fishing trip but didn’t have any head cement and the closest availability for some new head cement was 37 miles away … My next step was Wal-Mart. …. That was when I saw the package of “Future Glue” brush on… I purchased my first bottle, rushed home, tied several flies and found that “Future Glue” far surpassed any other type of head cement I had ever used. … I have passed this secret on to numerous other fly tyers and friends who now have switched to Future Glue Brush-On as well.”