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Super Glue: “The Household Fix All!”

October 26th, 2013
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[Photo Credit:  via George Crill]

Some of our best product use ideas come directly from satisfied customers.  George C., from Kalamazoo, MI, sent us this photo of a “porcelain bamboo vase which was broken into a couple dozen pieces and put back together with super glue gel.”  George suggests using super glue “sparingly, it doesn’t take much to achieve a strong bond with household items.”  We agree!!

George also tells us he “used the gel to bond fabric to leather on shoes; repaired a CFL light bulb to its aluminum base with glass adhesive as well as multiple [other] glass items; and once repaired an engine fuel injector & oxygen sensor with super glue gel.”  Additionally, he connected an engine gasket to a water pump with Pro-Seal.  George added,  “One of the most delicate repairs was a glass figurine repaired and attached to its metal base.   I could think of a 1,001 repairs that can be made with the variety of super glue products available.”

Wow, we appreciate that feedback, George!   THANKS for sharing your story with us!  It made our day!   And now,  let’s give George the last word:  “One thing I always have on hand is Super Glue which has become a household fix all!  It hasn’t failed me yet.”  🙂