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Picnic Table Cloth Preserver: Clothespins & EPOXY!

June 24th, 2013
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You’ve heard of lifesavers, right?  Well, here’s a picnicsaver idea!! 

Instead of worrying about your next picnic tablecloth flying away or billowing in the wind, take a few minutes to epoxy some clothespins to the underside of your picnic table and easy as a snap you have security for the day!!  Use The Original Super Glue brand waterproof epoxy and you will be set from season to season!!

Happy 4th!  Happy Summer!!

Kintsugi – The Art of Mending

November 15th, 2012
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The Japenese way of mending pottery and china pieces becomes an artform of its own.  This video describes Kintsugi, the art of mending using resin and gold paint, to create even more beautiful pieces of art!  What an incredible process and beautiful “repair”!

[Video Credit:  Listening To Leaves blog]

Paranorman and 77 Gallons of Super Glue!

October 11th, 2012
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[PHOTO CREDIT:  Lazcreative]

According to this blog post written by Jeremy Lazanowski 77 gallons of super glue were used in the making of the unique, blockbuster, 3D animated feature film, Paranorman!  Wow, that’s a lot of super glue even to us — and we love the stuff!

Apparently the super glue was used to strengthen the many masks used in making this incredible stop motion film!

Check out the video!   We see our ZAP super glue and Contractor’s Size Epoxy right there on the work bench — FUN!
[Video Credit:  Paranorman Making Norman You Tube]

Artist Nails Charity Auction Theme!!

February 17th, 2011
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Charity-Art-300x200.[Photo Credit:  Nancy Larrew]

This intriguing piece of art is entitled “Every Community Has Its Share Of Nuts”!  The artist, Nancy Larrew, created it for a charity aution benefitting Zimmer Children’s Museum!  According to the artist, “the theme of the show is building a community using building materials”.  We think she’s NAILED that theme with this piece! 🙂

 Auctions are a great way to raise money for special causes and we are so impressed by people who give so generously, of their time, talent and resources, to support both the arts and education – two of our favorite causes as well!

The artist told us she used Super Glue Corporation’s Accutool Gel because “it was stronger for metal to wood contact” and that she “loved the control of the bottle application”.  She also used “epoxy on the pipes”.  This awesome piece weighs 20 pounds so strong adhesives were in order!

We so appreciate hearing from satisfied customers and especially enjoy hearing about the impressive artistic applications people have for super glue products!

Here’s to a successful auction benefitting the Zimmer Children’s Museum!  Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

Disneyland FUN!

October 18th, 2010
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On a cool, crisp, October Saturday Super Glue Corporation’s owners honored employees, and their families, by treating them to a day at Disneyland.  Though located only about 45 minutes away from Super Glue Corporation’s Rancho Cucamonga headquarters, spending the day at the magic kingdom is still a thrill for everyone!

The lines for all the favorite attractions are usually quite long, but the wait enables you plenty of time to take in all of the many amazing details around the park.  This first picture is from the haunted mansion.  It’s decorated from head to toe/ceiling to floor for the holidays featuring Jack Skellington and “fiends”.  We couldn’t help but wonder how much super glue and epoxy is used throughout the park 😉 … We’re guessing gobs as there are plenty of things to attach!  [Side Note:  Sources tell us Disney artists go through lots of Contractor’s Size Epoxy.]

Our entire sales team flew in from all over the country (Washington, Ohio, Georgia, New York, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and more) for the day at Disneyland making it an even more special occasion for the whole company.  A delicious lunch was served, in a private pavilion … entertainment was provided by Mickey Mouse himself, as well as “the most organized balloon man ever” (quote by our insurance provider’s seven year old son)!

Check out the following pics!  You may enjoy seeing some of the friendly faces, and families, behind The Original Super Glue(R) … most have been with us for years! » More: Disneyland FUN!

Copper-Bond Alternative To Solder!

July 26th, 2010
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Installing and/or repairing big items in your home, like bathtubs, can be difficult and cumbersome.  More often than not situations arise where you are unable to use traditional methods due to constrictions such as time, and space.  This is what happened to our customer, J.M. … Here’s his story:

To Whom It May Concern, I want to say thanks so much for your Copper-Bond product.  It really saved me a lot of heartache, when I inadvertently missed a copper sweat fitting (the fitting holding the tub spout copper pipe) located behind my new tub surround.  I thought that I would have to tear a hole in my wall behind my tub to fix.  I searched on-line for another solution because I was unable to solder the joint due to its location.  I just checked the product and it was set up in 20 minutes and I am so thankful for the hassle Copper-bond saved me from …”


Copper-Bond(R) is a safe and effective alternative to soldering.  Assembles cold and hot water copper pipes in 20 minutes!

Elephant Seal Scientists!

January 13th, 2010
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dn14506-1_250[PHOTO CREDIT:  Christophe Guinet via NewScientist]

What do Elephant Seals and Waterproof Epoxy have to do with scientific research?  Well, check out this fascinating story.

In a study initiated by France’s National Musueum of Natural History some important science is being conducted using creative measures.  58 Elephant Seals have been recruited as scientists in the Antarctic Seas.  The seals are being used to collect important data from the thick, ice-covered seas proven previously inaccessible by research ships.  According to the article, in NewScientist, by Tamsin Osborne, 58 seals have monitors glued to their heads “using epoxy, an extremely strong, waterproof glue.” 

With the sensor monitors the elephant seals “can take accurate measurements of salinity, temperature and depth, and relay them by satellite” aiding in important global warming research!  Elephant Seal Scientists – Wow!

It is amazing the many different uses people come up with for adhesives, but this is one of the most unique we’ve encountered in a long time.  We know that epoxies are very strong glues and Super Glue Corporation’s underwater epoxy could certainly hold up to the waterproof test.  Watch this video to see how it can even be applied underwater:

Anchor-Tite Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.