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Super Glues Improve Fuel Efficiency In New Cars

September 18th, 2014
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untitled[Photo Credit:  A new Lincoln MKC …  European PressPhoto Agency via Wall Street Journal]

According to a Wall Street Journal article, September 8, 2014, Super Glues are being used to help make cars lighter in order to ultimately improve fuel economy.

Heavier metal fasteners like rivets, nuts and bolts are being replaced by super glues which can hold things together just as well, or better, while improving fuel efficiency.

“The global market for structural adhesives used in cars, airplanes and other vehicles should hit $2 billion this year, up from $1.5 billion a decade ago,” according to IHS senior consultant Erik Linak quoted in the article.

The WSJ article states that “carbon fibers and other composite materials lend themselves more to glues than screws” and lighter weight aluminum and composite fibers are what automobile manufacturers are using instead of heavier substrates like steel wherever possible in new cars.  “About 27 pounds of adhesives go into the typical car today, up from 18 pounds a decade ago,” said Daniel Murad, chief executive of ChemQuest Group Inc., a Cinncinati consulting firm.

Deciding which metal fasteners can be replaced by glues is a challenge for engineers.  Safety is still their top priority and federal standards must continue to be met.  Adhesive manufacturers, working with engineers, are always seeking new formulas which can withstand higher temperatures, be removed and/or replaced easier, and bond to a wider range of substrates.

Using adhesives (super glues, epoxies, etc.) to replace fasteners is definitely on the rise, in the automobile and airline industries as well as many other industries,  and this is excellent news for manufacturers and consumers!

Model Making: From Dream to Reality

July 25th, 2013
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architectural[Photo Credit:  DesignBoom via Pinterest]

This amazing architectural model from Renzo Piano workshop for the Whitney Museum of Art is just one example of how models are used to transform dreams into reality.

Communication is tough and model making is often used to help people visualize concepts and designs prior to building.  Seeing really is believing!  Architects often use models to show clients exactly how the finished product will look down to some of the most intricate details.

Many of our customers are model makers, both professionally and as hobbyists.  We’ve heard from many architects who write in to tell us how well our epoxies and super glues work for building prototypes and models which effectively communicate design concepts and ideas to customers.   It’s a pleasure to work with people who share our passion for “Adhering to Excellence”!

Super Glue Team Hits Universal Studios!

October 11th, 2012
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Marquee-photo-225x300.Picnic-photo-225x300animal-actors-photo-225x300[PHOTO(3)CREDITS:  Super Glue Corporation]









Super Glue Corporation treated employees along with their families, and all of its local vendors, to a day at Universal Studios recently.  Over 360 people attended the fun-filled day!  A picnic lunch was served in an amazing star-studded dining room with Shrek videos looping non-stop for the kids!  All of the incredible attractions were available to us (Animal Actors and Special Effects shows were two favorites) and a great time was had by all! 

High quality products and excellent customer service are two key features of Super Glue Corporation, a privately held, American based, manufacturing company, and how better to breed, and exemplify, that corporate philosophy than by treating employees like they are gold … what goes around comes around with customers treated like they are gold as well by each and every employee at Super Glue Corporation! 

How lucky we are, too, that our corporate headquarters is in Rancho Cucamonga, California not far from this terrific Hollywood Theme Park!  A place that seems to have the same philosophy about high quality products and excellent customer service as Super Glue Corporation does — we were treated like gold and had a grand experience!

Super Glue Corporation is home to many brand name adhesives products like The Original Super Glue(R), ZAP(R), ProSeal(R), Pacer(R), Front Porch Treasures(R), and Bondini(R) and we know that our cyanoacrylates (super glues), epoxies, contact cements, silicone sealants, and many other products are critical to creating much of the magic we see in movies!

Check out this blog we wrote awhile back about how they used super glue and baking soda to make snow in the Universal Studios distributed movie, Coraline!  And check out this blog about the many masks used in making the 3D feature animation, Paranorman, and how they used super glue to strengthen each one!  Again, what goes around comes around ….  We appreciate their products (Universal Studios Theme Park) and they appreciate ours (Super Corporation Adhesives)!

So … a special day, indeed!  Fun to be with our work family and our real family, in the same place at the same time …. and fun to see the magic, our products help to create, in action!

Science Fair Project Ideas

August 23rd, 2012
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Hey, Students!  As you begin brainstorming your science fair project ideas be sure to think about how you might incorporate The Original Super Glue brand products into your plans!  We are always interested in helping budding scientists reach for their dreams, AND our product development team is always interested in new and unique ways our products are being used.

Some project ideas, like this Soda Bottle Magnetometer used to “monitor changes in the Earth’s magnetic field for signs of magnetic storms”  just use super glue to build the project’s monitoring device whereas other project ideas may be about the actual super glue itself (such as comparing the holding power of super glue or epoxies to other adhesives).  Either way — we want to help you out!

If you need super glue products to use for a science project simply send us your request for “Science Fair Project Super Glue Products” along with your name,  and the products you need (supplies may be limited), and we will send you some sample products.  If you’ve used our products in a science fair project before, and have a picture, or description, of the how the products were used, send us that as well and we may use your story in our blog (and send you some sample products).

Happy Experimenting!!

National Hardware Show Bound May 1-3 Las Vegas & Coming Up Automechanika September 11-16 Frankfurt

April 25th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  National Hardware Show]

Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology sales teams will be attending the National Hardware Show, May 1-3, 2012, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  If you are there, please stop by our Booth #5421!  Our newest product, E-Z Fuse Tape, will be showcased in the New Products area and our booth will have samples of all of our many adhesive solutions including high performance engineering products like threadlockers, sealants, epoxies, and maintenance and repair products for industrial and automotive uses.

And coming up in September … look for us at automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany!  We will be showcasing our ProSeal automotive and Pacer industrial brands along with The Original Super Glue products at both upcoming tradeshows!


2010 Winter Olympics Musings

February 24th, 2010
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What would this month have been without the Winter Olympics to watch on tv each evening?  All of the gifted, committed athletes gathering together, in Vancouver, from around the globe, hoping to achieve their personal best and maybe even bring home a medal!  Each event is exciting and each personal story so inspiring.  All of the daily effort, hard work, drive and support it takes to reach this pinnacle of excellence is truly motivational.  The side story to all of this is what impacts everyone who watches even just one of the events or hears just one of the personal stories.  Events like the Olympics remind us that passion and focus are critical to success!

So many of the athletes talk about how, when they were youngsters starting out in the sport, they followed their Olympic heroes and  dreamt of the day when they, too, might participate in the games.  Suddenly, around town we witness increases in attendance at the local skating rinks.  Four year olds know the names of Shaun White,  Shani Davis, Apolo Anton Ono, Lindsey Vonn,  Bode Miller and so many others.  They begin to emulate their style; climbing the hillsides pretending to snowboard down on a sheet of plywood or plastic sheeting like them; dressing like them; reading about them; following them.  And suddenly a new batch of heroes emerge.

The new heroes might not be athletes though.  They may end up being teachers, doctors, engineers, inventors, parents, writers, landscapers, scientists, electricians, or artists.  But the same sticktoitiveness, passion and focus, that takes an athlete to the Olympics, fuels all of the creative producers in the world.  It’s exciting to witness all kinds of passion and focus and we, as consumer product manufacturers and distributors, get to see lots of it in action ourselves. 

Many of the consumers of our products here at Super Glue Corporation are extreme hobbyists, crafters, artists, engineers, and technicians who, each in their own way, model the same characteristics as Olympic athletes.  They are focused achievers who are driven by passion to create, invent, design and improve.  They are risk takers who use their imagination to envision things that they then set out to bring to fruition.  It’s quite impressive.

One interesting fact (also connected to the Winter Olympics – I warned you there were musings in this post:)) is that snowboarders use epoxies and super glues to build and repair their boards.  This makes perfect sense.  Epoxies and super glues are super strong and work really well with substates, involved in building snowboards; like woods, metals, fiberglass, kevlar, etc.  We even have a waterproof epoxy that will hold up under the most extreme wet, winter conditions.  Chips, dings, and other repairs can be fixed in minutes using these inexpensive, readily available products.

For fun, check out the The Adventures of John blog for some details on how to make your own snowboard. 

Through research for this blog, and from the consumers who write in to us at, we get to see passion, focus and creativity in action.  We get to connect and link into how real, talented people are using our products to meet specific challenges which, in turn, helps motivate us to improve, advance, and deliver more choices and better products.  We all share a kind of  Olympic spirit. Our motto is “Adhering to Excellence”.  What about you?  Do you have a passion and focus in your work or career that you feel is similar to an Olympian’s desire to be at the top of their game?  Tell us about it.

We love hearing from you, and we love working with consumers to ensure that you have the right products for all of your adhesive needs!

Gotta go now …. need to finish up with my work so I can catch some USA hockey in a few … SCORE!