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Salt Water Fly Fishing Tip

May 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Fly Fish Louisiana]

Salt water fly fishing takes place in the shallow waters off the coast and requires some special leader reinforcement according to Capt. Dan on the FlyFishLouisiana website. He notes that fly fishing in salt water conditions presents unique challenges for fly fishing leaders, “fishing in barnacle filled waters with mounds of oysters waiting to wreck havoc with your leaders”, and proceeds to give some tips to “eliminate braided loop failure”:

Suggested methods to eliminate braided loop failure:
1. Super glue the braid to the fly line
2. Tie an over hand knot in the braided material where it goes over the fly line
3. I like to whip finish the braided material where it goes over the fly line several times in different places with 6 – 8 pound monofilament

Thanks for the super tip, Capt. Dan! We love passing along helpful fishing tips from knowledgeable anglers. Let us know how you are using our products to help solve your challenges!