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Royal Wedding Emergency Kit!

April 27th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Brides Magazine]

We are sure the Royal Wedding planners have thought of everything, but we can’t help but stick some advice in as the big day draws near!  Have the powers that be put together an emergency kit for Kate and Will’s attendants to have close at hand?

Several great kits, and lists, are available on line, but the palace will most likely need to put together a very special and unique kit fit for a prince and his princess.   Here’s what we suggest including:


Band Aids:  The clear, waterproof, latex free type bandages will be the least likely to show in pictures.  They will also hold up in the London fog and be the least likely to irritate the royals sensitive skin.  If possible, try to get them in a diamond shape.

Super Glue:  Super handy for quick wedding gown bead repair, or in case a jewel falls off the crown.  This super glue dispenser is great because it has precise application.  It can also be used, in an emergency, for a quick repair to a fingernail or shoe heel.

Nail Polish:  Clear is perfect to stop a run in a stocking or add some last minute shine to fingernails, but these limited edition polishes in the royal colors look like they’d be super handy to have along as well!  Check out the golds and purples as well as the British flag colors they include!

Mints, Floss & Toothpaste:  For the children in the royal wedding we suggest having some Royal Berry flavored toothpaste, but the rest of the Royal wedding party will probably appreciate having a mint flavored floss available throughout the evening as they taste and travel from reception to reception.

– Pins & Sewing Kits:  All kinds!  Bobby pins, hat pins, boutonniere and corsage pins, safety pins, and straight pins.  Pins and needles are what everyone’s been on since the engagement, and will still be on come this Friday, so there must be plenty on hand for every emergency.

Pain Relievers:  Aspirin, Tylenol, Benedryl, or whatever the royals prefer … Scotland Yard is really in charge of keeping most of the royal pains at bay, but an occassional headache or allergy is bound to pop up .. best to be prepared!

Fabric Softener Sheets:  Brush them over the royal hair to remove static; toss them in to freshen a room or car;  carry them along in a royal pocket to repel gnats or even the queen bee herself … trust us they are very handy to have along for a variety of reasons and can even be used as a paper towel to clean up spills in an emergency

Earring Backs:  It’s the little things that count and with all the bridesmaids, attendants, junior bridesmaids, and flower girls (even some of the groomsmen, who knows?) there is bound to be a need for an earring back … this package should contain enough to keep them all covered …

Sunscreen:  The royals’ fair skin demands constant protection as they make their way from the Abbey to the Palace.  A brush-on mineral sunscreen is great for reapplying after you already have your makeup on.

Mirror:  Make sure it’s a high powered looking glass so that every royal eyelash, lipline and brow can be seen.

Disposable Cameras:  We think both the bride and groom, and each of their attendants, should have their own personal camera available at all times.  Depending on others to record all of your special moments and memories just doesn’t make sense.  Pictures taken directly from the bride, groom, and inner circle attendants’ perspective will really complete the story!

So there you have it … Super Glue Corporation’s tips for a Royal Wedding Emergency Kit … We wish Kate & Will all the very best!  We’ll be watching!

What about you? – Do you have any other items to suggest as “Must Haves” for a wedding emergency kit or other types of emergency repair kits?  Send us your ideas!