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Copper-Bond Alternative To Solder!

July 26th, 2010
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Installing and/or repairing big items in your home, like bathtubs, can be difficult and cumbersome.  More often than not situations arise where you are unable to use traditional methods due to constrictions such as time, and space.  This is what happened to our customer, J.M. … Here’s his story:

To Whom It May Concern, I want to say thanks so much for your Copper-Bond product.  It really saved me a lot of heartache, when I inadvertently missed a copper sweat fitting (the fitting holding the tub spout copper pipe) located behind my new tub surround.  I thought that I would have to tear a hole in my wall behind my tub to fix.  I searched on-line for another solution because I was unable to solder the joint due to its location.  I just checked the product and it was set up in 20 minutes and I am so thankful for the hassle Copper-bond saved me from …”


Copper-Bond(R) is a safe and effective alternative to soldering.  Assembles cold and hot water copper pipes in 20 minutes!