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Guitar Repair

November 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Bailey Guitars blog]

Watching the Country Music Awards the other night was fascinating.  All of the amazingly talented musicians and their equally amazing guitars, banjos, fiddles, and more!  Each instrument is as unique as its owner!  It’s mesmerizing to watch!

We know that musicians grow incredibly attached to their instruments and we’ve heard from many that our super glue products are used to create new guitars and repair favorite ones!  Check out this step-by-step blog post article about making the finger rest.

Wicking beads of super glue into all kinds of wood is a great way to add strength and durability.  Whether repairing or simply reinforcing, cyanoacrylates perform wonders!  Not all super glues are alike though.  High quality super glues come in a range of viscosities to meet specific needs. 

If you have questions about what type, or viscosity, of super glue you need for your project don’t hesitate to contact us.  Custom formulations are even available for private label customers.