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E-Z Fuse Tape “The product with 1,000 uses!”

October 8th, 2013
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One of Super Glue Corporation’s newest products, E-Z Fuse Tape, is getting rave reviews from consumers and not one of them is raving about using it for the same purpose!  We should call it:  “The product with 1,000 uses!”

E-Z-Fuse-Tape-246x30E-Z Fuse Tape is easy to use, leaves no residue when removed, yet the bond is permanent, waterproof, airtight, non-conductive, insulating and resists weathering, salt water and UV Rays!  It is UL Listed and member tested and recommended by Handyman Club of America.  It comes in red, black and white so you can have it blend in or stand out as desired!

One satisfied customer sent us this picture with the statement “E-Z Fuse Tape working hard modifying and strengthening the grips on my home gym”:


 [Photo Credit via D. Bringhurst]

So there you have it one more use for “The Product with 1,000 uses!” 

Go Get It!!!  Let us know how YOU use E-Z Fuse Tape and you may win free sample products!