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Back To School!

August 23rd, 2012
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It’s “Back To School” time and who, we ask, doesn’t get excited about a new box of crayons?

This art idea from Pinterest makes a new box of crayons even more exciting!!  All it takes is a canvas, a box of crayons, some super glue, a blow drier and poof!  You have a new piece of art for that classroom wall, child’s bedroom or even dorm room!

So very clever!

Don’t forget to look for The Original Super Glue(R) brand products when you are buying school supplies this year.  Our glue sticks are awesome!  We also have some great foam dots, squares, and tape that work great for bulletin boards and school projects, and if you need to glue things to foam core board be sure to use our special foam glue products!

Have a great new school year, Everyone!!