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Timeless Treasures

February 17th, 2011
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[Photo Credit: James Hakeem]

Miniatures are so cool!  Look at these life-like model car, trucks, and trailers created by satisfied customer, James Hakeem.  The attention to detailed required to create these treasured scale models is incredible.  Here’s Jim’s story about how he uses our Zap gap filling super glue, in his model building, and the steps involved in the process:

“I use it for attaching a trailer hitch to a 1:18 scale Die Cast Model.  I tried all kinds of super glue on my quest to modify 1:18 scale die cast model cars, to sell on E-bay. In the testing process the glue had to hold up to months of weight pull down on the Trailer hitch nothing would hold up then while in a model shop that sold RC Models I ask them what they use to glue the Models together I knew that RC take a beating they told me Zap gap filling super glue was the only glue that would hold up. I tried it on my test model and that was 3 years ago and it’s still holding up today. I have sold hundreds of die cast models modified with a trailer hitch and as of today not one has come back. I now make an over head rack for a 1956 Ford pickup 1:18 scale it look like the same truck a handy man would drive I make out of square plastic and I use Zap on that as well to glue the assembly and glue the finished assembly to the bed of the truck.”


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Jim!  We admire the dedication and passion you have for your work!  We share your desire for Adhering to Excellence!

Gamers Like Perfection

November 13th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  War Machine Soul Blog]

We are always amazed by the millions of different specialized interests and hobbies there are in the world.  Our motto is “Adhering to Excellence” and we find that others who Adhere to Excellence tend to be like-minded and are as attracted to our products as we are to theirs!

Recently we ran across this amazing blog post on the War Machine Soul blog.  In the picture of supplies used for the project we were proud to see Zap-A-Gap  featured.  Modelers have found our ZAP(R) brand super glue products can be used to modify features in preformed kits, like the Privateer Press Avatar of Menoth sword.

Issac Newland writes in the blog: 

“Time for a project! I purchased an Avatar of Menoth warjack to add to my slowly expanding Protectorate army. I really like the model with all of its flowing shoulder cloth and pipe organ style steam boiler. However! I despise its’ sword. In the game rules, the Avatar has “reach” with its’ weapon, meaning it has 4 times the range of a standard weapon. Great, you’d think this would be a rather large weapon then. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s about an inch long, it’s sad really. So, after wandering through some forums I got the idea to lengthen it myself.”

So, using the items in the photograph above he sets about adapting the kit sword to meet his desired specifications.  Amazing precision and craftsmanship are used to get the results he wants.  We are impressed!  Check out the actual blog post for details into this fascinating other world.

Once again we salute hobbyists and your wide range of interests and talents!