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Right On Cue

February 12th, 2016
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Ball with cue and chalk

If you tried to rack up all of Super Glue’s abundant amount of uses, you’d discover that, interestingly enough, the game of pool makes the list. Chocked full of skill, finesse, and strategy, pool is played, professionally and recreationally, by many people. Those who do play on a regular basis are no strangers to the issue of worn leather pool cue tips and their need for replacement. For a money-saving, D.I.Y trick, ZAP-A-GAP CA+ adhesive from Super Glue, can be used to effectively secure a new tip to the stick. That being said, let’s take a cue from the glue and dive into the step-by-step details of how this repair can be done.

Things You’ll Need

-Razor blade/knife
-2 types of sandpaper-medium grit & fine
-The new pool cue tip
-Nail polish remover
-Paper towel
-Pool cue tip clamp (optional)
-Tip shaper tool (optional)

Cue Tip Replacement

The first step to cue tip replacement, is to remove the old one. To do this, carefully use the sharp knife or razor blade to cut off the worn/broken tip. Once that is done, you will need to prepare and clean the ferrule. The ferrule is the part (typically made of metal or horn) located at the end of the cue shaft, where the tip is attached. Use your cutting tool to gently remove old glue from the top of the ferrule. Then use a piece of medium grit sandpaper on this area to make sure it is smooth and even.

Next, take your new cue tip and place the flat end on top of a piece of fine grit sandpaper. Without using too much force or pressure, briefly glide the bottom of the tip over the paper to get it smooth.

After those steps of preparation have been completed, you can move on to attaching the new cue tip. To do this, simply take the ZAP-A-GAP CA+ and apply a small amount that covers the surface end of the cue shaft. Next, attach the new tip flat side down. Press firmly, but not excessively hard, and quickly make adjustments to center the cue tip.

The glue will most likely pour out a little on the sides, but don’t worry. Using a bit of nail polish remover on a paper towel, clean off any extra glue that remains. extra care not to get the nail polish remover on top of the new tip, as that can be detrimental to its structure.
Let the newly glued cue stick sit for at least an hour before handling. For firmer and more secure tip placement, you can put on a pool tip clamp. Lastly, use the fine grit sandpaper once again to smooth the edges of the tip. And if the tip is slightly large and/or needs reshaping, you can use tip shaper tool or the sandpaper to perfect it.

What’s Your Unique Super Glue Story?

From fixing pool cue tips to repairing musical instruments, Super Glue products are constantly being used in helpful and innovative ways. Whether you’ve used them in a handy everyday repair, or in a unique application that’s way out of the left corner pocket, so to speak, we’d love for you to share your story on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fly Fisher’s Essential Gadgets!

July 16th, 2015
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BN-JC780_teches_J_20150626111835[Photo Credit:  Wall Street Journal (June 26, 2015)]

Summer is the best time of year for Fly Fishers, Hikers, and Campers!  So many adventures and wonderful places to go far away from crowds and confusion.  Packing light and smart is the key to all successful travel and these sports enthusiasts know how to do it best!

Recently, there was a terrific article in the Wall Street Journal (June 26, 2015) by Chris Kornelis titled, “Fly Fisher April Vokey’s Favorite Gadgets“.   Super Glue was honored to be listed, and pictured, as one of Fly Fisher, April Vokey’s favorite gadgets!  We know that fly fishers depend on super glue to reinforce knots on specialty flies, and all hikers and campers appreciate having super glue along as a fix all for tool, boot, and tent repairs as well as a great coating over blisters and calluses.   We wrote some tips about this in our June 2013 Newsletter … Check it out for more information!

Enjoy the rest of this amazing summer and don’t forget to take along some tubes of super glue with you … Let us know how super glue came in handy on your adventure and you may win some free samples!!!

How to Fix an Aquarium with Silicone Glue

April 26th, 2015
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Aquarium repaired with Super Glue


On the verge of a fresh business venture, I looked at my new office and realized it needed something. It needed something to bring a touch of the ocean in, something tropical, something with fins. Reigniting my past passion for aquariums, I fished my old tank out of storage and filled it up slowly to check for leaks. Surprise, we had a winner. Thankfully, the minor vertical leak in the glass seam would be easy enough to repair with Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive & Sealant.


Steps I took to Fix the Leak:

  1. Mark the Leak: Yes, I had found the leak, but I didn’t want to lose the exact location. I marked the leak with a felt tip pen.

  2. Drain and Dry: I then drained and dried out the aquarium thoroughly.

  3. Scrape Leaky Sealant: Using a razor, I scraped out the old sealant surrounding the leaking area.

  4. Remove Sealant Remnants: Next, I wiped the area clean with a cloth dampened by acetone and then dried the area off. Just make sure not to go too nuts with this colorless liquid, as excessive exposure can irritate your eyes or cause dizziness.

  5. Apply Adhesive: I used the nozzle on the Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive & Sealant to apply it precisely to the needed area on the aquarium.

  6. Let it Cure: Lastly, I gave the sealant 24 hours to cure and create a strong seal.


Aquarium Repair Results

After the sealant cured, I brought the aquarium back to my office, tested for leaks one last time, and then filled it up with my favorite tropical fish. I was really impressed by the repair results, not to mention grateful that I didn’t need to buy a brand new aquarium.


The Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive & Sealant was perfect for this project due to it’s strong bonding and waterproof properties. Now, while the repair worked out swimmingly, let’s just hope that my new business venture goes on without a hitch.


Did you also use the Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive & Sealant for a similar aquarium repair? Please share you story with us on Super Glue’s Facebook page.  We’d love to hear from you!

Toy Repair and Plastic Fuse Future Glue

March 13th, 2015
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repair your child's favorite toy  - dump truck image 1

Like just about every other child in the world, my two year old son has a favorite toy – a bright red, plastic toy truck. Preserving the life of this toy seems to be the key to preserving his happiness at the moment. I tried everything to repair this toy, but it just kept falling apart. After a few times of him coming to me with eyes full of tears and hands full of red plastic truck pieces, I discovered Plastic Fuse Future Glue.

What does Plastic Fuse Future Glue do?

Future Glue is a liquid gel bonding compound. That helps secure all plastic parts. Here are some of it’s features:

  • Recommended for polyethylene and polypropylene

  • It sets quickly, allowing repaired items to be used again without much wait

  • Works on porous and non-porous surfaces

  • Repairs furniture, housewares and toys

Future Glue Application

Applying the plastic fuse future glue is quite simple. First you’ll want to clean and dry the surface you want to attach. Then you can apply a layer to the dismantled piece. If it is a larger plastic piece, simply rotate it while applying the glue to make sure the area is fully covered. Lastly, assemble the applied piece and allow 1-5 minutes for the adhesive to set.

From beloved plastic toy dump trucks, to your own car’s dashboard, plastic fuse future glue can be essential in effective repairs. Do you have any uses or ideas for this gel adhesive? If so, please visit our Facebook page. We’d love for you to share your ideas with us!

4 Reasons Why Super Glue is Awesome

December 2nd, 2014
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Super Glue Preserve Snow Edit


Super Glue is known as one of the best accidental inventions of all times. It is a common household item, because of its ability to quickly glue objects together. Here are few things you may not know about Super Glue and its awesome capabilities.

Emergency Kit

Super Glue is small enough to fit in any kit and can be a real lifesaver. For small cuts, you can apply a very small amount of Super Glue to the disinfected cut. It will close the wound in seconds and stop any bleeding. It can also stop irritation from a blister, by acting as a barrier when applied around the blister.

Great Alternative to Tape

When something breaks, Super Glue can easily repair the damage quickly and keep the object together permanently. Unlike tape which can be strong but unsightly, Super Glue dries clear and is also sturdier than your traditional duct tape. However, you can also combine both products for an extra strong hold!

Professional Repair Job in a Small Tube

A little amount goes a long way with Super Glue; it can repair your reading glasses, shoes, furniture, or a leak on a water bottle. Possibilities are endless!

Save Your Snowflakes

Another amazingly wonderful thing you can do with Super Glue is preserve falling snowflakes! Using just a small drop of Superglue and microscope slides, and you can preserve snowflakes and keep them for as long as you like. You will be able to see each snowflakes unique design and preserve it for years to come!

Let us know what creative ways you have used superglue on our Facebook page!

Super Glue Eyeglass Repair Tips from the MythBusters

March 17th, 2014
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Super Glue Mythbusters super glue glasses repair mythbusters


Have you ever had to fix a pair of sunglasses on the fly? We recently came across an interview with Adam and Jamie from MythBusters, where the dynamic duo of do-it-yourself shared some of their tips for using Super Glue. Jamie offered this anecdote about repairing Adam’s eyeglasses while on a shoot:

Once, when we were on a MythBusters shoot, Adam broke his black horn-rims at the bridge. Even a CA [cyanoacrylate/Super Glue] is not real strong on small surfaces, so I made a sort of fiberglass. I took a piece of cotton cloth, wrapped it around the joint, and let the glue soak in and kick. I colored the cloth with a black Sharpie, and Adam was back at work in 5 minutes. – []

Combining Super Glue with cotton to create a makeshift fiberglass patch is a genius way to increase the surface area, and therefore the strength, of the adhesive. However, be careful not to get Super Glue on the lens. The glue cannot be removed from the lens without ruining them. The bridge of your glasses may be too small for a permanent bond to be created, but Jamie’s quick fix solves the problem perfectly, Have you ever tried this unique solution to a common repair problem?

Preserving Wedding Memories with Bondini Xtreme-3

January 22nd, 2014
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[Photo credit: M. Guerra]

We recently heard from a customer who was having a bit of a marital problem. Fortunately for him, it was just the kind of problem that our Bondini Xtreme-3 was made for. With its maximum strength hold and precision nozzle, it’s the perfect glue for this customer’s particular need: repairing a broken wedding topper.

From the customer, M. Guerra:

We recently moved into a new house and, during the shuffle, the tiny bouquet on our wedding topper broke off. Needless to say, my wife was very upset. Luckily, I was able to find the little porcelain bouquet at the bottom of a moving box. I picked up some Bondini and, within minutes, was able to reattach the bouquet, no problem. Now, it looks like we’ll have this little reminder of our wedding day for years to come… as long as we don’t move again.

We’re so glad that Bondini Xtreme-3 could help him preserve this precious memory. How about the rest of you? We’d love to hear more stories about the ways you use our Bondini line of adhesives.

How-To Super Glue A Cut

January 2nd, 2014
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Using super glue to “stitch” external paper cuts, blisters, calluses and even knife blade wounds is something our readers and customers tell us about all the time.  Here’s a great “How-To Video” from a Super Glue Fan!

[Video Credit:  The Late Boy Scout on You Tube]

Take Super Glue Hiking!

November 18th, 2013
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170px-Tungurahua_eruptio[Tungarahua Volcano Photo Credit:  Wikipedia]

This exciting story came to our attention from The Original Super Glue(R) customer, G. Neumaie:

“We were on vacation in Ecuador.  When we left for a hiking trip, I made sure to bring a couple of tubes of Super Glue.  To make a long story short, we drove from Quito out to the Mountain Tungarahua out past the city of Ambato.  This volcano is usually somewhat active, not like Mount Imbaburra where we were based.  So, out we went, climbing and looking at the boiling steam vents and the sights of Nature.  The volcano awoke, shaking the whole mountainside with a roaring low pitch sound like a thousand thunderstorms.  Some of us fell down on the sharp rocks.  We had to get out in a hurry.  There were wounds that were bleeding, but the priority was to get off the mountain.  Out came the Super Glue!  A few dabs on the wounds after a quick wipe and the bleeding stopped.  When we got down to the town of Banos, the Doctor said we didn’t need any stitches because the Super Glue took care of it.  My family was safe and sound, thanks to the quick acting super glue.  Later we had ice cream.”  🙂 ….

We say, “Boy, did you ever deserve that ice cream!!”

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us and thanks for reminding us to TAKE SUPER GLUE HIKING!

Customer Testifies Bondini 2 Super Glue Is A Winner For Him!

September 29th, 2013
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DimeAndNickelCueTipRadii[Photo Credit:  Dime & Nickel Radius Cue Sticks Picture via Wikipedia]

Super Glue Corporation customers provide the best feedback for our Product Development and Marketing Teams.  Here’s a testimonial about our terrific Bondini 2 product sent in by Michael P.:

“I used Bondini 2 when it came out years ago for my pool sticks as I was playing in tournaments and had knocked my tip off.  After applying the glue to my cue tip it instantly bonded and within minutes I was able to use my stick to win the tournament I had practiced so hard for …. The glue is incredible, not like other superficial glues that claim they work, but I trust and recommend Bondini to anyone out there that wants a low-cost, and trustworthy brand that they can count on.”

Bondini 2 super glue has a cult-like following!  It works great on so many things even oily, and dirty surfaces … It is the perfect product to use for bonding leather cue tips to wood or metal.

Thanks, Michael P., for sending us your story!!!