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Home Centerpieces: How They’re Possible with Super Glue

January 10th, 2017
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The key to designing a room or decorating any space is how you tie it together. Accents, negative space, and varying color palettes all function together to bring aesthetic wholeness to your living space. Naturally, the heart of any room is the centerpiece. A thoughtfully placed flower arrangement or candle layout can instantly gift your dining room with added personality and charm, but why spend your money on centerpieces you can’t change when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost?

Dish Centerpiece Decoration

Dish Centerpiece Decoration

These DIY centerpieces utilize both household items and inexpensive accessories to create eye catching enhancements to your living room, dining room, or kitchen. With a little bit of Super Glue and some creativity, you can get crafting and create something you’re proud to show off.

Flower Ball Bouquet

Great for end tables or shelf decorations, these petite bouquet ornaments are easy to make and look beautiful. Gather these materials:

  • Zap-O Foam Safe CA
  • Foam Safe Kicker
  • Artificial, silk flowers
  • Candle holder
  • Ribbon
  • Styrofoam ball (toy whiffle balls work great as well!)

Begin by separating your flowers, cutting the stems down to an appropriate size. Once all the flowers are cut, trace the rim of your candle holder with Zap-O Foam Safe CA. Don’t overapply, as the glue will spread once your ball is placed on top. Spray some Foam Safe Kicker all around the Styrofoam ball. Place the ball atop the candlestick holder and apply light pressure, letting the adhesive dry.

Next, apply a small amount of Zap-O Foam Safe CA to the end of your flower stem and stick onto your Styrofoam ball, maintaining even coverage. Once the entire ball is covered with flowers, tie an appropriately colored ribbon around the stem of your candle holder and you’ve got yourself a perfect little accent piece for any small space in your home.

Recommended Product: Zap-O Foam Safe Glue and Zap-O Foam Safe Kicker – This odorless adhesive is perfect for all kinds of crafts and dries in only 15 seconds. Works on foams, ceramics, and wood.



Dish Décor

The most rewarding home décor are often those you create yourself. Using nothing but common kitchen plates and glassware with adhesive, turn the center of your table into a unique accent that highlights varying shapes and colors. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Assorted dishware and glasses
  • Super Glue
  • Dish cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Rubbing alcohol

First, organize your plate ware into a mock arrangement of what you think you’ll want. Don’t be afraid to mess around and get creative with your design. Larger saucers tapering up to smaller glassware like a candlestick, densely stacked dishes for a bold and simple look, or a platter-style arrangement using glass tumblers – all can offer a different feel for your table. As a general rule of thumb, it’s typically a good idea to vary your objects in size, height, and texture for a more dynamic centerpiece and aim for odd numbers (ideally groups of three).

Wash all the pieces you will be arranging with dish soap and a cloth, then let dry. It is recommended that you also give your dishes and glasses a once-over cleaning with rubbing alcohol to guarantee a clean working surface for your adhesive. Using a dime-sized amount of super glue, adhere the flattest surfaces to each other in the layout you desire. Carefully hold your plates together for the amount of time specified on your glue packaging to ensure a strong bond.

Recommended Product: ACCUTOOL Super Glue Gel – Housed in a squeezable dispenser, this adhesive gives you fine control that won’t drip or run. Works well on ceramics, china, metal, pottery, rubber, and plastics.


For a full look at Super Glue’s complete & diverse family of adhesives, click here.

Shedding Light on the Winter Months with Super Glue

January 5th, 2017
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Summer is long gone, fall is behind us, and winter has once again taken over with cold days and chilly nights. While there’s nothing more fun than going out with friends or taking a family vacation, there is something about these winter weeks that just begs us to stay inside and simply get cozy.

Candles not only make an easy accent to any shelf or table, but lend themselves beautifully to personalization. With a virtually endless choice of size, shape, and color, DIY candle holders are the perfect homemade project for those looking for a cheap and charming addition to their home. Why be confined to cuddling up by the fire when you can spread the warmth?





Gettin’ Twiggy With It

Golden leaves, crisp air, and amber-tinted evenings are perfect excuses to break out the crafting supplies and make use of some surrounding nature. With just an inexpensive small candle and some twigs from the yard, bring some rustic personality to your mantle or end table. These unique accents will bring some of the great outdoors inside to keep you cozy for those long, chilly winter nights.

Gather these materials before you begin:

  • Glass jar candles
  • Super Glue
  • Thin twigs/branches
  • Pruners
  • Twine

First, collect your twigs from outside. They don’t all have to be identical, but try and collect ones of similar thickness and that are relatively straight. This will both make it them easier to adhere to the candle jar, and will keep your final product looking cohesive. Next, using your pruners, cut your twigs so that they will stick a half inch to an inch above the lip of your candle jar. Keep in mind you are using wood near a fire, so you don’t want your branches sticking up too high.

Apply your Super Glue in vertical strips around your candle jar and attach your twigs one by one and as close together as possible around the candle. Keep them close to the same height, but not identical, and let dry. Slightly staggering their height will give your candle a more natural and “wild” feel. Finally, you can tie your twine in a bow around the waste of your candle to complete the look. What you’re left with is your own personal campfire to complement your home.

Recommended Product: Super Glue ACCUTOOL– Precision applicator and 20 second dry time makes this a great choice for DIY crafting. Ideal for Ceramic, hard or soft wood, most plastics, pottery, and porcelain.





Mason Jar Lantern

If you’re missing the beach or just looking for a crafty and contemporary decoration for your room, this one is for you. Nothing beats the ambiance of working by lantern light. A soft glow radiating in all directions is both calming and beautifully illuminates any corner of your room.

Collect these supplies:

  • Mason Jar
  • Super Glue
  • Small candle
  • Transparent fire pebbles
  • Ribbon (optional)

Apply a horizontal band of your Super Glue around the circumference of the jar and begin to stick the fire pebbles around, one by one. Work your way down and around your jar, making sure to allow each pebble to adequately dry before moving to the next. It’s a meticulous project, but the more time you invest in making sure your pebbles are even and stay put, the longer your finished product will last and the better it will look. When your jar is sufficiently coated in clear pebbles, place your candle inside, leaving the lid open.

For additional garnish, you may choose to tie a ribbon around the rim of your jar. The true satisfaction comes when you finally light up your new lantern. Rays from the candle shine out in all directions, creating a hypnotic prism of candlelight. Though it is a bit more time consuming than the others, the final result couldn’t be more worth it.

Recommended Product: Dries Clear Glass Adhesive– This glue dries crystal clear and sets in 5 seconds. Water resistant and excellent for small beads. This adhesive works best bonding glass to ceramic, glass to glass, and glass to metal.

For more information on Super Glue’s diverse family of adhesives click here.

New Year Repair Resolutions with Super Glue

January 1st, 2017
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With the New Year upon us, it’s once again time to compile your annual list of things to improve on. A new start often brings with it promises of going back to the gym; laying off certain foods; or dropping any nagging, bad habits. What many people don’t think about are the small fixes around the house that need attention.

These repairs are all too often neglected because they’re not always noticeable, and the excuse “I’ll get around to it eventually” is just too easy to make. If there was ever a time to get around to it, it’s the New Year. Start 2017 by getting your hands dirty and putting your Super Glue to good use, because the best resolutions are the ones which truly make you feel accomplished.

blue coffee mug with broken handle

blue coffee mug with broken handle

Add some of these easy home repairs to the top of your New Year’s resolution list and get fixing!

Broken dishware


If you’re anything like me, you have your go-to mug. No longer do you have to send your favorite broken mug to the ceramic cemetery. Dishwasher Safe Super Glue is made for these exact repairs. Bonding instantly and crystal clear, this adhesive is more than capable of restoring your favorite wine glass, coffee mug, or stained glass plate.

Dishwasher Safe Super Glue works best on:

  • Ceramics
  • Crystal
  • Glass to Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Stained Glass
  • Glass to Metal


For wood repairs of any kind, Super Glue has consistently been the go-to solution for decades. For example, unsightly nail holes can be filled with a mixture of Super Glue and sawdust. Of course, you should make sure the color of the sawdust matches the wood you are trying to blend, but this old carpenter’s trick has been proven effective time and time again.

For other miscellaneous furniture around the house, cracks, breaks, and loose joints are all too common. Add the original Super Glue adhesive to your arsenal to give your ailing furniture a renewed and long-lasting strength. You’ll first need to rid the furniture of any loose screws that are no longer structurally necessary, make sure you are working on a stable and flat surface, and apply your Super Glue to the affected areas. Super Glue dries completely transparent in 10-30 seconds, and is ideal for use with wood, metal, rubber, aluminum, and ceramic.

They may say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But if it is broke, fix it with Super Glue.

For a full look at Super Glue’s complete & diverse family of adhesives click here.

Making New Years Eve Even More Memorable with Plenty of Pictures

December 6th, 2016
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Another year in the books. Whether it was a wild season for your favorite team or another tumultuous election cycle, we’re approaching the bookend where we can start anew. Fresh starts, new relationships, changed habits, all especially appropriate at the changing of the guard from December to January. With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, you may be feeling the pressure to plan and decorate your annual party. But just because time is up for 2016, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of time to craft some creative, do-it-yourself projects to help ring in the new year.



To make a memorable night truly memorable, you are going to want plenty of pictures. New Year’s Eve is as good of time as any to take advantage of the pocket paparazzi of smartphones at your party. With this flashy homemade photo booth backdrop, you’ll have your guests’ instagrams looking like they just spent the night at a ritzy Beverly Hills banquet or upscale houseboat party.

Gather these materials to ready your photogenic backdrop:

  • Large foamboard

  • A couple rolls of silver or gold wrapping paper

  • Silver or gold sequins (if you’re using large sequins you may only need about 500, smaller sequins will require a greater quantity for proper coverage)

  • Masking tape

  • Mounting Dots

You will want to begin by attaching your large foam board to a wall you have set aside for your makeshift photo booth. Make sure to anchor it as firmly as possible to withstand a sure-to-be long night. Next, wrap your foamboard with the silver or gold wrapping paper completely. This will be the eventual backdrop for your reflective sequins.

Now you can begin to adhere your sequins to the covered foam board using the Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Dots. Remember to consider your camera’s field of view. If your pictures will only be from the waist up, there’s no point in wasting your time covering the bottom portion of your board. Make sure to keep your sequins tightly clustered and firmly adhered. What you’re left with is a dazzling background for memorable New Year’s photos.

Check out more information on this one of a kind New Year’s project!

Recommended Product:

Hopefully these DIY projects can give some unique flair to your end of the year celebration. These unforgettable party additions will make sure you don’t drop the ball planning your party this December, except for the one in Times Square.

For more information on Super Glue’s diverse family of adhesives click here.

Designing Christmas Ornaments with Super Glue Adhesives

December 6th, 2016
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If battling crowds at the local mall in the name of Christmas warfare has you down or you just are tired of listening to that one uncle at the dinner table who won’t stop talking about politics, it may be appropriate to take some you-time. As the leader in the adhesive industry and offering dozens of lines of glue products, Super Glue Corporation is your one stop shop for all things crafting this holiday season. With a few of these easy to make, festive decorations, achieve your Zen while creating some charming and eye-catching handmade ornaments for your Christmas Tree.

Since the effectiveness of adhesives depends on what surface they’re being applied on, we have included the recommended Super Glue products that work best for the materials you’ll be using at the bottom of each topic.

Super Glue Corp Christmas

Super Glue Corp Christmas

The Artistic Touch

paint brush decoration

paint brush decoration

Brush up on your crafting skills with this quick and painless project that leaves you with a quirky addition to your tree.

Collect the following supplies:

  • Paint brushes

  • Colored, acrylic paint

  • Painter’s tape

  • One small, foam paint brush

  • Additional embroidery, if desired (sequins, glitter, googly eyes, ribbon, etc.)

  • Super Glue

Begin by taping off the bristle portion of your paint brushes. Paint the remainder of your brushes with your colored acrylics, maintaining a smooth, even stroke. Next, you can either paint on Christmas-themed character faces or adhere googly eyes and pipe cleaner onto the broad side of your brush. Elves, snowmen, The Grinch, no one is off limits.

Finally, decorate your new creation by adding sequins, bells, and ribbons. The best part is, there is already a pre-drilled hole in the handle of most paint brushes so they make for perfect tree decorations that not many people would normally think of.

Recommended Product

ACCUTOOL Super Glue Gel. Bottled in an easy to use and hold dispenser, this Super Glue Gel ensures no mess on your hands. It’s effectiveness on wood, most plastics, aluminum, metal, and rubber make this product perfect for your paintbrush ornaments.

Bring the Beach Home

Sea Shell Ornament -

Sea Shell Ornament –

If you’re one of the lucky people who enjoy year-round sunny weather, you probably frequent the beach. Around the holiday season you may also be missing an authentic Christmas experience (complete with snow days), but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own flavor to the table.

With only inexpensive, store-bought ornaments (clear works best) and some Super Glue, transform your tree into a tropical centerpiece that looks like it came straight from the beach. Simply collect small sea shells or sea glass and adhere them around your ornaments. It’s best to start from the bottom up and slightly overlap your sandy trinkets for a more cohesive final result.

Recommended Product

Dishwasher Safe Super Glue . Suitable for adhering to glass surfaces, this glue is ideal for using with store-bought ornaments.

Go Little or Go Home

Half the size but equally as lovable, gather some of these household materials you may have forgotten about in your garage or closet and make something festive out of them.

Who knew? Board games are good for more than bored games. With a couple scrabble tiles and some super glue craft your own personal holiday greeting and use ribbon or twine to proudly hang it on your tree. It may not score you the most points in Scrabble, but it’s guaranteed to with your guests.

bottle cap xmas decoration

bottle cap xmas decoration

Bottlecaps. Yes, even bottlecaps can be transformed and put to use in December. Instead of letting them collect under the refrigerator, adopt them into your DIY repertoire. Super Glue googly eyes and a literal red button nose onto the underside of your caps along with antler-shaped twigs on the top side for instant reindeer friends. Note, three bottlecaps stacked on top each other make for great snowmen! A little ribbon to hang from, and you’re finished! Adorable is a word overused in crafting circles but it’s 100% appropriate for this near-costless project.

Recommended Product

The Original Super Glue. Ideal for a variety of wood, ceramics, metal, this adhesive is a classic for a reason.

DISC-O Ball Ornaments

Disco Ball Ornaments

Disco Ball Ornaments

If you’re bored of the same old Christmas ornaments you see every year or just have some embarrassing Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch CD’s you want to get rid of, consider this quick and easy holiday project. With this handful of tools and minimal effort, you’ll have a unique collection of mosaic-styled decorations that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pack of clear, glass ornaments

  • CD’s (Outdated and humiliating bands make for a more cathartic crafting experience)

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon (Optional)

  • Super Glue

First, slice up your CD’s into varying shapes and sizes. Any kind will work, however it is recommended you use CD’s with silver backs.

Next, super glue a small dot onto your ornament and press each CD tile on, reflective side facing out. Cover your ornament, leaving small gaps between the tiles. If desired, you can add a colored ribbon or glitter to the inside of your ornament to cover up the back sides of the CD’s you may see through the glass.

Your makeshift Christmas chandeliers are done! Not only are these very eye-catching decorations, but are also low cost and easy to make. Have fun with your literal disco balls and Merry Christmas!

Recommended Product

Dishwasher Safe Super Glue . It dries clear in moments.

To learn more about Super Glue’s broad family of adhesives, click here.


Perfect Storage Solutions with Super Glue

November 7th, 2016
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Storage ideas

Storage ideas

Add shelves to a regular storage closet, give an updated look to an old shelving unit, or build your own set of bookshelves. Most of these DIY projects are easy to accomplish in an afternoon, and add extra storage space to help organize and omit clutter. Many of these projects can be achieved with the help of different Super Glue Corporation products.

DIY Storage Closets

There is always room for more storage. You can build this DIY large, freestanding storage cabinet in one afternoon. You can use to store things in your garage or home. Build it 18 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 72 inches tall with adjustable shelves if you would like to make it more versatile. Adhesives such as Super Glue Thread locker (add a hyperlink or Zap CA (add a hyperlink ) can help reinforce shelving, if necessary.

Maximize every square inch of your home with this great home addition for added storage. Rework your storage closet and be inspired by lifestyle blogger Destiny Alfonso as she talks DIY, decor and entertaining on her blog Just Destiny.

DIY Wall Storage

An excellent and creative storage is crucial to any home and any family. We often forget that the easiest method to create storage is to use the vertical space in your home.  Here are three simple and creative DIY wall storage ideas that we simply adore. Personalize them with your touch and never lose sight of your thing.

Repurpose Old Items

Using simple materials such as paint, leftover magazine or wrapping paper scraps and your choice of adhesive (double sided tape, craft adhesives), you can transform your old, drab shelves. Create this beautiful accent to any room in your house. The possibilities are endless; your imagination is the key.

This shelf is one of the most customizable DIY project there is because you can use whatever wooden box you can get or have at hand. You can combine both old and new wooden boxes to add visual interest. You can customize the shelf by adding your own art or pops of favorite color.

DIY Bathroom Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage space in their bathroom? Get creative with these clever tips that will help you take advantage of every square inch so you can keep your bathroom supplies tidy, well organized, and close at hand.

Avoid a wet, messy vanity with this solution. By mounting neodymium magnets on a mounting strip with super glue, you can easily create a toothbrush holder. Or, to make things even easier,  take a look at our Super Klips.

DIY Pet Storage Station

Is your dog’s gear taking over the house? Try your hand at this organizational craft! Just a few supplies and a lot of fun is all you’ll need for this new dog-essential storage station! Grab a foam brush, white acrylic paint, wooden block (suggested 13′ L x 1” W x 2.5′ H), cup hooks or Super Klips, plastic dog figurines, and saw tooth picture hangers to recreate this organizational wonder.

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Christmas Preparation- Building Your Own Christmas Wonderland

November 7th, 2016
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With fall, the air is nippy and leaves are falling, and you may find yourself digging up your Christmas lights out of storage. If so, you’re not alone. Over the years, it seems there has been a dramatic shift from simply enjoying Christmas to wildly decorating your home into a festive wonder. Instead of breaking the bank this year, forego the Christmas decorations to save a few bucks. Create a range of outdoor Christmas DIY decorations that are not only unique, but will look stunningly festive. From upcycling old bottles, to using Christmas lights in ways you’ve never thought before, we have seven amazing DIY Christmas decoration ideas below to help you build your own Christmas Wonderland!

Budget-Friendly Christmas Luminaries

xmas decoration, candles

xmas decoration, candles

If you’ve got some steps or a walkway leading to your house, then you’ll absolutely love this idea! Light up the pathway during the evening with these inexpensive luminaries. Simply head over to your local dollar store for some large glass vases or old ones already in your house, and pick up a few large candles and faux snow while you’re at it. Position the vases outside atop bundles of fir and add a thick layer of faux snow. Atop the snow, put in a large candle and sprinkle fake cranberries around it for a festive finish! How to details: here.

 Simple Garage Door Christmas Tree



If you’re looking for a decoration that will really attract attention to your house this holiday season, look no further. Grab a string or two of Christmas lights, some hooks or Super Klips, a few ornaments, a bow, and some fishing line. Give your garage door a wash and use the Klips and lights to create the outline of a Christmas tree. Once the outline is finished, use the fishing line to hang up the ornaments and attach the bow at the top of the tree – you can use HandiTAK for the bow. For security, you can add adhesive to plant the ornaments in place. At night, plug in the lights and see your once plain garage light up with holiday spirit! Project details: here.

Stunning Pinecone Garland with Ornaments

Pine cone decorations for the front door

Pine cone decorations for the front door

Pine cones bring festive to the holiday season. Simply iconic for Christmas trees, adding these accents are a great way to bring a more natural look into your Christmas décor. To create a stunning garland to adorn your front door or garage with, take your pinecone garland and some festive ornaments. Grab some wire and use it to loop through the ornament holes and secure each ornament onto the pine cone garland. Once done, get some removable adhesive Super Klip hooks and secure the garland around your door frame for an absolutely picturesque finish to your entrance way! Project details: here.

Festive Reused Flower Pots

xmas pot decorations.

xmas pot decorations.

Hold off on tossing those flower pots and planters. Instead of leaving them to the trash or to gather dust, bring them out to help decorate your house’s exterior in preparation for the holidays. Give these planters a festive look with the help of some wood, pine cones, and fir trimmings to fill them with. At the bottom (especially if it’s a tall pot) put in stuffers such as paper bags to add height and volume. Once done, align your wood around the edges and stuff the fir trimmings inside. Then add pine cones throughout for a complete look and you’re finished. Place these around those empty spaces on decks and porches during the holiday time. Project details: here.

Christmas in a Beer Bin

xmas beer bin decoration

xmas beer bin decoration

Re-purpose large beer buckets for a stunning porch decoration! All you need is a beer bucket, firewood, trimmed pine tree branches and old strings of lights. This is a great way to use those lights that have one or two shorted out as well. To complete the look, arrange the firewood and branches for the base of the bin. Next, mix in the lights and toss in an ornament or two. Project details: here.

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Not sure what to do with those extra tomato cages during the winter time? A set of tiered, exquisitely lit and truly beautiful homemade Christmas trees topped with red ribbons can truly build a magical scene in your yard. To make this gorgeous tree display, gather together three tomato cage, some colorful string lights, strands of wired unlit garland, bows and zip ties. This classic home décor element adds a whimsical touch and goes a long way to save those huge bucks you would otherwise spend on expensive store-bought items. If you need to secure your decorations a bit more, strong adhesives or HandiTAK can help. Project Details: here.

Eco-Friendly Front Porch

Eco-Friendly Front Porch

Eco-Friendly Front Porch

Forego spending dollars on Christmas decorations for your front porch. Instead, gather loads of pine cones, tall branches and fir trimmings. Go through your storage for winter gear such as an old sled. Use fir trimmings to line your door with and attach them together for a garland-esque appearance. Next, grab some old pots and set one on each side of your entrance way. Add in some dirt and stick in your branches. Adorn these branches with pine cones and Christmas lights. You can also add random bows and add a sign or two for a complete front porch that’s ready for the holidays! Remember to use adhesive hooks such as Super Klips to keep decoration linings in place. Project details: here.

No matter your budget, you can get into the Christmas spirit with some simple and cost effective decorations courtesy of your surrounds and Super Glue products.

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5 Strength Defying Uses for Super Glue

October 28th, 2016
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While super glue can be a great tool to use around the house for those DIY projects, most people don’t know just how strong this adhesive really is. In fact, time and time again, super glue has been proven to be one of the strongest available bonding agents on the market.

Here’s a look at five ways super glue has been used that proves just how strong a bonding agent it truly is.



 1. The Hanging Car

A radio station had heard about super glues and decided to put them to the test at a local junk yard. Among the super glues tested were many of the National Brands on the market today. The test was to hold a hanging car from a crane. Eastman 910 (commonly known today as super glue) bonded steel which lifted up to 3000 pounds after just 10 seconds. Today’s record for weight held up by super glue is 5000 pounds.

 2. Mountain Free-Climbing

Recently, two Americans completed what has long been considered the world’s most difficult rock climb, using only their hands and feet to conquer a 900m vertical wall on El Capitan, the forbidding granite face in Yosemite National Park that has beckoned adventurers for decades.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free-climb the Dawn Wall, a feat that many had considered impossible. They used ropes and safety harnesses to catch them in case of a fall, but relied on their own strength and dexterity to ascend by grasping cracks as thin as razor blades and as small as coins, which is extremely tough on the fingertips.

When the fingertip callus splits, climbers have devised various remedies that allow them to keep going. Athletic tape (applied in an X-pattern to allow full mobility of the finger joint) can provide enough protection for an injury. More advanced than the X-pattern is the Miami Thong, also known as the British Flag, in which separate strips of tape are applied in layers, first longitudinally, then in a crisscross design.

A common problem with tape is its tendency to slip off the finger. Instead of wrapping the finger more tightly and risking it going numb, climbers often use a strong adhesive such as super glue, applying it directly to the skin before wrapping the digit in tape.

 3. Battlefield Wounds

The use of super glue in medicine was considered early on. Eastman Kodak and Ethicon began studying whether the glue could be used to hold human tissue together for surgery. In 1966, super glue found a use in Vietnam, tested on-site by a specially trained surgical team, with impressive results.

The compound demonstrated an excellent capacity to stop bleeding; so, during the Vietnam War, Dr. Coover developed disposal super glue sprays for use in the battlefield. This spray was used as a way to stop bleeding from an open wound, so that wounded soldiers were able to be transported back to the base hospital.

Super glues are still used in surgeries today to close up wounds and surgical incisions, and can be used as a barrier against common bacterial microbes including certain staphylococci, pseudomonads, and Escherichia coli. Super glues also find use in medicine for orthopedic surgery, dental and oral medicine, veterinary medicine, and for home use as Band Aid brand Liquid Bandage.

 4. Fixing Coral Reefs

Super glue has even proven to be strong underwater, as it can be used to fix coral reefs. While this is a popular trend among people who own aquariums, just imagine the potential that super glue has for fixing damage to coral reefs in the ocean.

To attach coral frags in your aquarium:

  1. Gather your materials—Super Glue adhesive, AquaMend putty, paper towels, and your coral frag.
  2. Find the right location—take into account the flow and lighting the area provides, match that with the requirements of the coral frag.
  3. Trim the frag plug—frags are sold on live rock pieces or on their own. You will need to trim to match the type of aquascape you are looking for.
  4. Mix up a small ball of AquaMend putty—make just enough to fill any holes or areas that are on the live rock you are attaching to.
  5. Apply the adhesive gel to the frag or plug—dab dry the coral with a paper towel. Use the correct amount to make a secure bond for the next step, but try not to add too much that it will ooze onto the coral itself.
  6. Apply the putty ball to the adhesive on the frag—you don’t need to push very hard, just secure it to the glue.
  7. Apply another layer of adhesive to the top of the putty—super glue gel will cure to a wet surface.

Securing Outdoor Items with Adhesive Epoxies

July 4th, 2016
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Contemporary outdoor patio with fireplace

With increased exposure to the elements, all manner of outdoor furniture and items can be more susceptible to the occasional blemish or breakage. When this does happen, you may just be able to fix your broken chair or splintered pipe with nothing more than a quality adhesive epoxy.

The benefits of adhesive epoxies aren’t just restricted to repairs, however. They’re a versatile and effective solution for various adhesive-based needs, with the majority of them being weather-resistant and ideal for outdoor applications.


The Various Applications of Adhesive Epoxies

There are a wide range of adhesive epoxy solutions available from the Super Glue Corporation, most of which will help with the securing or repairing of outdoor items. Which one you opt for depends on your needs. You may need a quick setting epoxy for emergency repairs, a waterproof one that would be ideal for pipes and guttering, or a metal epoxy for metal appliance and tool repairs.

Below is a list of just some the ways you can utilize adhesive epoxies:

  • On outdoor furniture: Repair broken legs on an outdoor chair or table.
  • Pipes and guttering: Seal and solidify cracks present on downpipes, fix damage on gutter guards, etc.
  • Tools: Reattach the head of hammers/shovels to the handle, secure the carriage of a wheelbarrow to its framing, set screws in place in the event they tend to come loose frequently, etc.
  • Lights: If you can’t screw a lamp’s framing/support to the exterior wall of your home, use an epoxy to secure it instead.
  • Signage: Easily secure signage, such as your address number, to your mailbox, fence, and more.


What about indoors

Adhesive epoxy is by no means restricted to outdoor applications. Many epoxies, such as the quick setting epoxies, are perfect for indoor repairs. You could secure a loosened section of your bookshelf, add additional strength to your TV’s wall mounts, fixing a broken clip on a landline phone, and more.

To view our range of adhesive epoxies, click here.

Declutter Your Home with Adhesive Organizers

July 4th, 2016
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Klip Organizer2

Over time, everyone accumulates a notable number of household items. While there are certain rare-use items that can be stored away in a box or container, there are others that can take up a significant chunk of space but are still used frequently enough that storing them away is less than ideal. One simple way of saving space and decluttering your home is to use Super Glue’s range of Adhesive Household Klips and Utility Organizers.


Household Clutter in the US


According to the LA Times, the average US household manages to accumulate 300,000 items. This accounts for anything as small as thumb tacks to the likes of king-sized beds. More often than not, it’s the smaller-to-medium sized items that tend to get out of control. For example, do you have enough room for all your spice jars, coffee cups, or winter jackets? What about gardening tools, brooms, or paint brushes?


While you can get rid of some items through a good old spring clean, there are others that you may need to hold on to. Enter the simplicity and efficiency of Adhesive Household Klips.


Decluttering Your Home


There are several steps you can take to declutter your home, including the use of our Household Klips and Utility Organizers. They can be adhered to walls and allow you to hold a range of items; including toothbrushes, paint brushes, brooms/sweepers, electrical cords, clothes hangers, screwdrivers, and more. Our adhesive organizers are built to last and can adhere to most flat surfaces, allowing you to increase the space in your home by having more items secured vertically.


Decluttering does involve more than just changing how you store your current items. We often hold onto items we no longer need due to a form of sentimental attachment with them. Perhaps a certain item stirs up good memories or was a gift from someone we love. However, it’s also important to be objective and question if said item offers any practical value. Because no matter how much an old hand bag or backpack may mean to us, if it’s essentially falling apart and can no longer perform the function it was designed for, then it’s time to retire it.


Other interesting facts worth keeping in mind include:


  • We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time – in other words, most of us have a lot of clothes we don’t even use and could be rid of
  • You can cut housework by 40% by eliminating clutter – the less clutter you have, the less time you’ll spend cleaning your home
  • Research shows that the more clutter people have, the greater their stress levels are


The takeaway is that while the process of decluttering your home can take some time in itself, it ultimately saves you time and stress in the long run. Whether you achieve this through improved storage and organization solutions or by slowly getting rid of things you no longer need, a spacious and more organized home is a peaceful home.


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