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Fly Tying Tip

September 3rd, 2009
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jpd-manureva[Photo Credit: Fly Tying World]

Paul is one of several customers who have written in to tell us how much they like our super glue products for fly fishing, and in particular, fly tying.  Here’s what he told us:

“I’m a ‘fly tier’.  Tying hundreds and hundreds of fishing flies every year, I had to find a way to shorten many ‘tying steps’, without running the risk of ruining quality.  So, I began sealing my flies, after tying off the thread at the end, with Super Glue!  It’s extremely fast drying, and holds better than the conventional ‘fly tier’s knot’, also making my flies far more durable and longer lasting.”

Fly Line Fishing Tip Using Super Glue

July 23rd, 2009
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How about this clever use of super glue for fishing?

“I really don’t like nail knots, they jam and with a fish on that means that your 7X tippet is going to snap like cotton. Braided loops have a bad reputation but they are in general better than nail knots for this type of fishing. My personal favourite and the method of choice for my light stream gear is to super glue the butt section of the leader into tip of the fly line. It is easily strong enough when you are fishing light, it is super smooth and will eliminate all manner of hassles with your casting and presentations.

There are some tricks to doing it easily and you can get hold of those by just sending me a note on this link Superglue Leader Link ( leader link and leader formula)”

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