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Add Zap-A-Gap to your Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit

October 25th, 2013
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zap-2[Photo Credits:  FlyFishingUSA]

Fly Fishing is both a sport and an art!  It is important to always be prepared for whatever emergency situation might arise.  A “Traveling Angler’s Maintenance Kit” is a great idea that came to us via The FlyFishing Shop Insider Newsletter … Here’s what they suggest carrying along in the kit:

Zap-A-Gap Super Glue

A screw driver set that fits all screws on your reels

Extra tip-tops that fit your rods

Fly Line Cleaner

We know what it takes to trek out to a great fly fishing location, whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater destination, and we agree that a Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit is a terrific idea.  Who knows?  You may even find that Zap-A-Gap comes in handy as a sealer for the superficial scrapes, cuts and blisters that may be a result of landing the Big Catch as well!!

Happy Fishing!



WELL SAID: When Customers Speak Super Glue Corporation Listens!!

August 12th, 2013
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The best part of our day here at Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology is hearing from customers!  Whether they call us, or send us their story via our website, there is nothing we like better than talking to our customers.  I guess the fact that we have great, tried and true, products helps!!  😉

The majority of Super Glue Corporation customers – users of our brands like The Original Super Glue, Pro Seal, Bondini, ZAP, Front Porch Treasures, and Pacer Industrial – are very happy with our products’ performance.  Of course, every once in awhile they write in to ask us to perfect the product more or tweak it for their specific need; or to ask us where they can find our products, but we enjoy hearing these comments as well … they help us improve!

As a company, our roots were with the Remote Control model airplane business (this has now morphed into a whole new arena called drones!) … Many of our products were originally purposed for the hobby end of the industry.  Turns out this is a great foundation as hobbyists are some of the most detail oriented and precise people in the world!  They know what they need, they want what they need and they don’t let up until they get what they need for each part of their building process!!  Therefore, we have managed to build up quite a wide selection of high performance, job-specific products.  Many of these products end up being very multi-functional and work great across many genres!

This is where the fun comes in for us!  Hearing from people who love our products and depend on them for uses far beyond their original purpose …. we never imagined all the crossover uses, but it seems logical once you realize that many of the same issues occur in a wide arrange of hobbies, crafts, do-it-yourself projects and other fields! 

Here’s just one example of a cross-over product use:  FLY TYING!

fly-tying[Photo Credit:  Wikipedia:  Fly tying]

We say, “WELL SAID” to our customer B. Byrd who wrote in to tell us:  “I have used many adhesives for finishing flys and there is nothing on the market that even compares to the strength and virtual invisibility of Zap-a-Gap.  I would like to pass on to beginning tiers to not waste their time trying any other product!”

Thank You!  Once again, a satisfied customer made our day!!

ZapAGap1[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation website]

Don’t waste your time trying other products!! 🙂


Want Trout? Try Tying A Brassie with Zap-A-Gap

July 26th, 2012
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Are you a trout fishing enthusiast?  Do you have difficulty getting your fly down to where the trout feed?  According to Tim Flagler, “The brassie is simply an extremely effective pattern which imitates both caddis and midge larvae, with the added bonus that it sinks like a rock, getting down to levels where the trout most often feed.”

Check it out — this video is OUTSTANDING!  We are, of course, proud that it features our product Zap-A-Gap … we’ve heard anecdotal evidence for many, many years that fly fishermen love Zap-A-Gap for fly tying, but this descriptive visual is really first-rate and will, most importantly,  help you catch more trout!!  Here you go:

Brassie from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

If you would like to try Zap-A-Gap for fly tying, send us your name, address, and a request for “Sample of Zap-A-Gap for Fly Tying” via this link and we will send you a bottle.  Supplies are limited and offer expires August 31, 2012.

Fishing “Tech Tip” Using Zap-A-Gap

March 13th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  Catch Multimedia:  GillznFinz Television]

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

December 19th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  super glue and scissors.  Click on this link:  How to Build Ice Fishing Tip Ups for the instructions.

So there you have it!  Some VERY COOL winter fun!  Now get going – catch a fish!  Oh, and send us your story!


Coral Propagation and Super Glue Gel

December 19th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  The Filter Guys]

Coral Propagation is  a very interesting hobby.  We have been hearing about it for years as consumers write in to tell us how they use our super glue products.  ZAP super glue gel seems to be a favored product among aquarium and reef forum contributors and our readers. 

Along with ZAP super glue gel these hobbyists also recommend Zap-A-Gap super glue.  It is also a thick gel that is specially designed for gap filling.  It fills in the coral irregularities and will help attach it to reef rocks or commercial frag tools.  It is best to attach the coral frag to a dry plug or rock outside of the aquarium and then submerge it into the water.  Both the ZAP super glue gel and Zap-A-Gap products are not harmful to the other aquarium inhabitants and by the time the coral attaches itself and the growth process takes off the super glue will disolve and disappear altogether as it ultimately breaks down in water. 

Coral propagation is a very fulfilling hobby as coral reproduces rapidly, transfers easily and can be shared and traded with other hobbyists.  There are so many different varieties of coral out there.  What a cool, fascinating hobby!

If you use super glue products to propagate coral send us your tips and tricks!  We want to hear from you!!


ZAP for Fly Fishing!

September 15th, 2011
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Zap-in-SV-225x300[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

This Super Glue Corp Chief Blogger was recently vacationing in Sun Valley and while I was hanging around the uber cool Silver Creek Outfitters store I spotted our ZAP Flyfishing Adhesive Product (perfect for fly tying) in the store.  As a marketer this made me very happy, so I snapped this picture for the blog.

Later my group and I went out with a couple of guides (Bob & Thatcher) and waded in the river in search of some mighty trout.  Our novice group wasn’t too successful with the fishing that day (a more experienced member of our group had gone out the day before with Silver Creek guides and caught 19 fish in an afternoon!), but we had a lot of fun and saw lots of wildlife … elk, goats, and even some harmless snakes (I didn’t see the snakes, thankfully!).

This video shows the status of the fly fishing in the Sun Valley area right around the time that we were there.  Check it out!

Fly fishing is an amazingly involved sport that requires knowledge and skill!  Along with the actual skill involved with the fishing there is the added talent involved with making your own flies!  Check out this video showing the skill involved with fly tying (also note the ZAP adhesive he uses!).  If you’re a fly fisher who ties flies with ZAP adhesives send us your story and you may win some sample products.



Top Reasons To Take Super Glue Hiking With You!

July 26th, 2011
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hiking[Photo Credits:  Hiking:  San Diego Magazine & Super Glue:  Super Glue Corporation]

It’s summer and it seems that everyone is taking a hike!  Whether it’s daily hiking; weekend trail hiking; or week long treks into the Sierras, hiking has gained great strides as a popular activity for all ages.

If you’re hiking it’s important to carry some supplies with you as convenient stores aren’t available on every switchback (thankfully!), however, you don’t want to load yourself down so much that your supplies become more of a burden than a blessing.  Making sure that your supplies are small, lightweight and serve more than one purpose is key.

According to our readers, and other reliable sources, super glue fits all of these criteria and is one “must-have” for hikers.  Here’s why:

  • BLISTER RELIEF:  Hikers tell us that when they begin to feel the early burn of a blister coming on, inside their boots, applying a drop or two to the sore area provides a buffer from the moisture and friction that can eventually lead to a full blown blister.  Additionally, if a blister develops, and ruptures, a thin coat of super glue serves as a temporary bandage for the inflamed area.
  • HIKING BOOT REPAIR:  Comfortable hiking boots are key to a good hiking experience, however, comfortable hiking boots may also be old and broken in, and therefore, likely to split or separate at the sole.  Super Glue bonds well with metal, rubber, and leather and can be used to repair shoe soles and get you back on the trail in seconds.  Similarly,  if shoestrings are frayed, and ragged, a drop of super glue on each end of the shoestring will pull all that fray together so that you can easily thread the laces through the eyes on your boot.
  • WALKING STICK CREATION:  A good walking stick is important for hikers.  You can make your own simply with a straight tree limb, some cloth or cord and some super glue.
  • DENTAL CROWN SALVATION:  We don’t condone using super glue in your mouth, but our readers OFTEN send us their stories of how super glue saved them, and their teeth, in difficult situations.  If your dental crown falls out while you’re hiking a little super glue can help lock it back into place temporarily until you can get yourself into a dentist.  Having your crown back in your mouth will ensure that you won’t lose it and that you can still eat while on your hike – another key to a successful hiking experience ;)!
  • TORN DOG PAD REPAIR:  Hiking with man’s best friend is fun, and great for safety reasons as well, however, dogs can easily get cuts, scrapes and torn pads along the trail.  A few drops of super glue on their pads provides some quick pain relief for your pup!
  • CUT & SCRAPE RELIEF:  Along with blisters, cuts and scrapes are always likely to occur along the trail.  Whether it be from a tree limb, bush, or rock as you’re hiking, or from a sharp knife cut while you’re cleaning the fish for dinner over the campfire, a drop of super glue applied to an external cut or scrape helps stop the bleeding and also serves as a barrier against bacteria getting into the cut.  Again, it’s just a temporary, emergency fix until you can see your doctor, but one you may be grateful to have at your disposal.
  • FLY TYING:  Fly fishers are known for hiking into isolated rivers and streams to catch that elusive brown trout and his friends.  Flyfishermen tell us they love to use super glue to create the perfect fly for fishing.  Having some super glue along ensures that you can replicate any fly, on the fly!

So there you have our top reasons to take super glue hiking with you.  There are probably lots more.  Are you a hiker?  Do you carry super glue along the trail with you?  If so, tell us your story and you may win free samples.  What other supplies have you found to be essential and versatile for hiking?  We’d love to hear from you!


Fly-Tying Tip

February 19th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Winona Fly Factory]

What do Zap Glues have to do with fly fishing?

Apparently Zap Glues can be combined with wire fly tying to create some pretty authentic looking midge larva. 

Enticing trout on streams is not only a sport, but a science and an art.  The Winona Fly Fishing blog has terrific tips incorporating all three of these aspects of fly fishing.   We particularly like this one featuring Zap A Gap CA

Here’s a brief description of the process involved (note:  go directly to Winona FlyFishing blog for the complete article):

 “Taking a section of Ultra Wire (size BR) I wrap tight kissing turns the length of the hook shank on this Dia-Riki 135 Scud Hook (#20). To cleanly remove both tag ends wiggle the wire against the hook shank until it pops free, I often use a pair of forceps to aid me in this to save on the amount of wire I use. Use your (dirty in my case) fingernails to push the wire together removing as much of the gap between wraps as possible. Once finished use a thin layer of Zap-a-Gap to seal the wire and adhere it to the hook. This method allows for a neat, thin, segmented body without cluttering the hook with thread. I find it to be very effective but I should note: Allow the Glue to DRY! before touching it. If you do not you will ruin the nice clear finish that allows you to see the wire properly.”

Here’s recent video posted on the same site to motivate you to want to get out there and fly fish now!  Go Get ‘Em!

Salt Water Fly Fishing Tip

May 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Fly Fish Louisiana]

Salt water fly fishing takes place in the shallow waters off the coast and requires some special leader reinforcement according to Capt. Dan on the FlyFishLouisiana website. He notes that fly fishing in salt water conditions presents unique challenges for fly fishing leaders, “fishing in barnacle filled waters with mounds of oysters waiting to wreck havoc with your leaders”, and proceeds to give some tips to “eliminate braided loop failure”:

Suggested methods to eliminate braided loop failure:
1. Super glue the braid to the fly line
2. Tie an over hand knot in the braided material where it goes over the fly line
3. I like to whip finish the braided material where it goes over the fly line several times in different places with 6 – 8 pound monofilament

Thanks for the super tip, Capt. Dan! We love passing along helpful fishing tips from knowledgeable anglers. Let us know how you are using our products to help solve your challenges!