Making New Years Eve Even More Memorable with Plenty of Pictures

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Another year in the books. Whether it was a wild season for your favorite team or another tumultuous election cycle, we’re approaching the bookend where we can start anew. Fresh starts, new relationships, changed habits, all especially appropriate at the changing of the guard from December to January. With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, you may be feeling the pressure to plan and decorate your annual party. But just because time is up for 2016, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of time to craft some creative, do-it-yourself projects to help ring in the new year.



To make a memorable night truly memorable, you are going to want plenty of pictures. New Year’s Eve is as good of time as any to take advantage of the pocket paparazzi of smartphones at your party. With this flashy homemade photo booth backdrop, you’ll have your guests’ instagrams looking like they just spent the night at a ritzy Beverly Hills banquet or upscale houseboat party.

Gather these materials to ready your photogenic backdrop:

  • Large foamboard

  • A couple rolls of silver or gold wrapping paper

  • Silver or gold sequins (if you’re using large sequins you may only need about 500, smaller sequins will require a greater quantity for proper coverage)

  • Masking tape

  • Mounting Dots

You will want to begin by attaching your large foam board to a wall you have set aside for your makeshift photo booth. Make sure to anchor it as firmly as possible to withstand a sure-to-be long night. Next, wrap your foamboard with the silver or gold wrapping paper completely. This will be the eventual backdrop for your reflective sequins.

Now you can begin to adhere your sequins to the covered foam board using the Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Dots. Remember to consider your camera’s field of view. If your pictures will only be from the waist up, there’s no point in wasting your time covering the bottom portion of your board. Make sure to keep your sequins tightly clustered and firmly adhered. What you’re left with is a dazzling background for memorable New Year’s photos.

Check out more information on this one of a kind New Year’s project!

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Hopefully these DIY projects can give some unique flair to your end of the year celebration. These unforgettable party additions will make sure you don’t drop the ball planning your party this December, except for the one in Times Square.

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