Designing Christmas Ornaments with Super Glue Adhesives

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If battling crowds at the local mall in the name of Christmas warfare has you down or you just are tired of listening to that one uncle at the dinner table who won’t stop talking about politics, it may be appropriate to take some you-time. As the leader in the adhesive industry and offering dozens of lines of glue products, Super Glue Corporation is your one stop shop for all things crafting this holiday season. With a few of these easy to make, festive decorations, achieve your Zen while creating some charming and eye-catching handmade ornaments for your Christmas Tree.

Since the effectiveness of adhesives depends on what surface they’re being applied on, we have included the recommended Super Glue products that work best for the materials you’ll be using at the bottom of each topic.

Super Glue Corp Christmas

Super Glue Corp Christmas

The Artistic Touch

paint brush decoration

paint brush decoration

Brush up on your crafting skills with this quick and painless project that leaves you with a quirky addition to your tree.

Collect the following supplies:

  • Paint brushes

  • Colored, acrylic paint

  • Painter’s tape

  • One small, foam paint brush

  • Additional embroidery, if desired (sequins, glitter, googly eyes, ribbon, etc.)

  • Super Glue

Begin by taping off the bristle portion of your paint brushes. Paint the remainder of your brushes with your colored acrylics, maintaining a smooth, even stroke. Next, you can either paint on Christmas-themed character faces or adhere googly eyes and pipe cleaner onto the broad side of your brush. Elves, snowmen, The Grinch, no one is off limits.

Finally, decorate your new creation by adding sequins, bells, and ribbons. The best part is, there is already a pre-drilled hole in the handle of most paint brushes so they make for perfect tree decorations that not many people would normally think of.

Recommended Product

ACCUTOOL Super Glue Gel. Bottled in an easy to use and hold dispenser, this Super Glue Gel ensures no mess on your hands. It’s effectiveness on wood, most plastics, aluminum, metal, and rubber make this product perfect for your paintbrush ornaments.

Bring the Beach Home

Sea Shell Ornament -

Sea Shell Ornament –

If you’re one of the lucky people who enjoy year-round sunny weather, you probably frequent the beach. Around the holiday season you may also be missing an authentic Christmas experience (complete with snow days), but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own flavor to the table.

With only inexpensive, store-bought ornaments (clear works best) and some Super Glue, transform your tree into a tropical centerpiece that looks like it came straight from the beach. Simply collect small sea shells or sea glass and adhere them around your ornaments. It’s best to start from the bottom up and slightly overlap your sandy trinkets for a more cohesive final result.

Recommended Product

Dishwasher Safe Super Glue . Suitable for adhering to glass surfaces, this glue is ideal for using with store-bought ornaments.

Go Little or Go Home

Half the size but equally as lovable, gather some of these household materials you may have forgotten about in your garage or closet and make something festive out of them.

Who knew? Board games are good for more than bored games. With a couple scrabble tiles and some super glue craft your own personal holiday greeting and use ribbon or twine to proudly hang it on your tree. It may not score you the most points in Scrabble, but it’s guaranteed to with your guests.

bottle cap xmas decoration

bottle cap xmas decoration

Bottlecaps. Yes, even bottlecaps can be transformed and put to use in December. Instead of letting them collect under the refrigerator, adopt them into your DIY repertoire. Super Glue googly eyes and a literal red button nose onto the underside of your caps along with antler-shaped twigs on the top side for instant reindeer friends. Note, three bottlecaps stacked on top each other make for great snowmen! A little ribbon to hang from, and you’re finished! Adorable is a word overused in crafting circles but it’s 100% appropriate for this near-costless project.

Recommended Product

The Original Super Glue. Ideal for a variety of wood, ceramics, metal, this adhesive is a classic for a reason.

DISC-O Ball Ornaments

Disco Ball Ornaments

Disco Ball Ornaments

If you’re bored of the same old Christmas ornaments you see every year or just have some embarrassing Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch CD’s you want to get rid of, consider this quick and easy holiday project. With this handful of tools and minimal effort, you’ll have a unique collection of mosaic-styled decorations that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pack of clear, glass ornaments

  • CD’s (Outdated and humiliating bands make for a more cathartic crafting experience)

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon (Optional)

  • Super Glue

First, slice up your CD’s into varying shapes and sizes. Any kind will work, however it is recommended you use CD’s with silver backs.

Next, super glue a small dot onto your ornament and press each CD tile on, reflective side facing out. Cover your ornament, leaving small gaps between the tiles. If desired, you can add a colored ribbon or glitter to the inside of your ornament to cover up the back sides of the CD’s you may see through the glass.

Your makeshift Christmas chandeliers are done! Not only are these very eye-catching decorations, but are also low cost and easy to make. Have fun with your literal disco balls and Merry Christmas!

Recommended Product

Dishwasher Safe Super Glue . It dries clear in moments.

To learn more about Super Glue’s broad family of adhesives, click here.



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