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Perfect Storage Solutions with Super Glue

November 7th, 2016
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Storage ideas

Storage ideas

Add shelves to a regular storage closet, give an updated look to an old shelving unit, or build your own set of bookshelves. Most of these DIY projects are easy to accomplish in an afternoon, and add extra storage space to help organize and omit clutter. Many of these projects can be achieved with the help of different Super Glue Corporation products.

DIY Storage Closets

There is always room for more storage. You can build this DIY large, freestanding storage cabinet in one afternoon. You can use to store things in your garage or home. Build it 18 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 72 inches tall with adjustable shelves if you would like to make it more versatile. Adhesives such as Super Glue Thread locker (add a hyperlink or Zap CA (add a hyperlink ) can help reinforce shelving, if necessary.

Maximize every square inch of your home with this great home addition for added storage. Rework your storage closet and be inspired by lifestyle blogger Destiny Alfonso as she talks DIY, decor and entertaining on her blog Just Destiny.

DIY Wall Storage

An excellent and creative storage is crucial to any home and any family. We often forget that the easiest method to create storage is to use the vertical space in your home.  Here are three simple and creative DIY wall storage ideas that we simply adore. Personalize them with your touch and never lose sight of your thing.

Repurpose Old Items

Using simple materials such as paint, leftover magazine or wrapping paper scraps and your choice of adhesive (double sided tape, craft adhesives), you can transform your old, drab shelves. Create this beautiful accent to any room in your house. The possibilities are endless; your imagination is the key.

This shelf is one of the most customizable DIY project there is because you can use whatever wooden box you can get or have at hand. You can combine both old and new wooden boxes to add visual interest. You can customize the shelf by adding your own art or pops of favorite color.

DIY Bathroom Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage space in their bathroom? Get creative with these clever tips that will help you take advantage of every square inch so you can keep your bathroom supplies tidy, well organized, and close at hand.

Avoid a wet, messy vanity with this solution. By mounting neodymium magnets on a mounting strip with super glue, you can easily create a toothbrush holder. Or, to make things even easier,  take a look at our Super Klips.

DIY Pet Storage Station

Is your dog’s gear taking over the house? Try your hand at this organizational craft! Just a few supplies and a lot of fun is all you’ll need for this new dog-essential storage station! Grab a foam brush, white acrylic paint, wooden block (suggested 13′ L x 1” W x 2.5′ H), cup hooks or Super Klips, plastic dog figurines, and saw tooth picture hangers to recreate this organizational wonder.

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Mending Broken Dishes with Dishwasher Safe Super Glue

November 7th, 2016
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Broken cup

Broken cup

Have you ever broken one of your favorite dishes and felt like you had to throw it out? While it may hurt to see one of your favorite dishes broken, it’s something that you can easily fix on your own, and, with dishwasher safe super glue, your dish will be almost as good as new.

Here’s a quick look at dishwasher safe super glue and how it can help you repair broken dishes in no time.

 Dishwasher Safe Super Glue

Dishwasher safe super glue is an adhesive that instantly bonds glass, tinted glass, crystal, stained glass, glass to metal, and more. The crystal clear formula creates invisible repairs and requires no clamping. Dishwasher safe super glue is both water and heat resistant.

Dishwasher safe super glue works best on:

  • Ceramics
  • Glass to glass
  • Stained glass
  • Crystal
  • Glass to metal
  • Tinted glass

For best results, surfaces should be clean and dry, and the damaged parts should mate well.

Repairing Your Dishes

The toughest part about gluing something, like a broken china dish, is holding the pieces together while the glue dries. Cases like this are a perfect application for strong adhesives, such as dishwasher safe super glue.

Trace a continuous bead of super glue adhesive along one of the broken edges. Press the two pieces together and hold them in place for 15-60 seconds. The formerly broken pieces will now stay in place. For the best bond, however, allow the super glue adhesive to cure for 24 hours before putting the repaired piece to use.


Cleaning off super glue with acetone.

Before Using Your Mended Dishes

Before using your dishes after mending them, it is important that you are aware that dishwasher safe super glue separates at a lower temperature (180 degrees F). Boiling water on a super glue bond or a touch with a torch flame will separate it.

You should also be careful about how you store your super glue, as super glues are acrylic resin that rapidly polymerize in the presence of moisture/water. Because the presence of moisture causes the glue to set, exposure to moisture in the air can cause a tube or bottle of glue to become unusable if opened for too long or not in an air tight bottle. To extend the life of an unopened bottle, keep it in the refrigerator.

To learn more about our range of Super Glue Corporation products, check out our Products page.

Christmas Preparation- Building Your Own Christmas Wonderland

November 7th, 2016
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With fall, the air is nippy and leaves are falling, and you may find yourself digging up your Christmas lights out of storage. If so, you’re not alone. Over the years, it seems there has been a dramatic shift from simply enjoying Christmas to wildly decorating your home into a festive wonder. Instead of breaking the bank this year, forego the Christmas decorations to save a few bucks. Create a range of outdoor Christmas DIY decorations that are not only unique, but will look stunningly festive. From upcycling old bottles, to using Christmas lights in ways you’ve never thought before, we have seven amazing DIY Christmas decoration ideas below to help you build your own Christmas Wonderland!

Budget-Friendly Christmas Luminaries

xmas decoration, candles

xmas decoration, candles

If you’ve got some steps or a walkway leading to your house, then you’ll absolutely love this idea! Light up the pathway during the evening with these inexpensive luminaries. Simply head over to your local dollar store for some large glass vases or old ones already in your house, and pick up a few large candles and faux snow while you’re at it. Position the vases outside atop bundles of fir and add a thick layer of faux snow. Atop the snow, put in a large candle and sprinkle fake cranberries around it for a festive finish! How to details: here.

 Simple Garage Door Christmas Tree



If you’re looking for a decoration that will really attract attention to your house this holiday season, look no further. Grab a string or two of Christmas lights, some hooks or Super Klips, a few ornaments, a bow, and some fishing line. Give your garage door a wash and use the Klips and lights to create the outline of a Christmas tree. Once the outline is finished, use the fishing line to hang up the ornaments and attach the bow at the top of the tree – you can use HandiTAK for the bow. For security, you can add adhesive to plant the ornaments in place. At night, plug in the lights and see your once plain garage light up with holiday spirit! Project details: here.

Stunning Pinecone Garland with Ornaments

Pine cone decorations for the front door

Pine cone decorations for the front door

Pine cones bring festive to the holiday season. Simply iconic for Christmas trees, adding these accents are a great way to bring a more natural look into your Christmas décor. To create a stunning garland to adorn your front door or garage with, take your pinecone garland and some festive ornaments. Grab some wire and use it to loop through the ornament holes and secure each ornament onto the pine cone garland. Once done, get some removable adhesive Super Klip hooks and secure the garland around your door frame for an absolutely picturesque finish to your entrance way! Project details: here.

Festive Reused Flower Pots

xmas pot decorations.

xmas pot decorations.

Hold off on tossing those flower pots and planters. Instead of leaving them to the trash or to gather dust, bring them out to help decorate your house’s exterior in preparation for the holidays. Give these planters a festive look with the help of some wood, pine cones, and fir trimmings to fill them with. At the bottom (especially if it’s a tall pot) put in stuffers such as paper bags to add height and volume. Once done, align your wood around the edges and stuff the fir trimmings inside. Then add pine cones throughout for a complete look and you’re finished. Place these around those empty spaces on decks and porches during the holiday time. Project details: here.

Christmas in a Beer Bin

xmas beer bin decoration

xmas beer bin decoration

Re-purpose large beer buckets for a stunning porch decoration! All you need is a beer bucket, firewood, trimmed pine tree branches and old strings of lights. This is a great way to use those lights that have one or two shorted out as well. To complete the look, arrange the firewood and branches for the base of the bin. Next, mix in the lights and toss in an ornament or two. Project details: here.

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Not sure what to do with those extra tomato cages during the winter time? A set of tiered, exquisitely lit and truly beautiful homemade Christmas trees topped with red ribbons can truly build a magical scene in your yard. To make this gorgeous tree display, gather together three tomato cage, some colorful string lights, strands of wired unlit garland, bows and zip ties. This classic home décor element adds a whimsical touch and goes a long way to save those huge bucks you would otherwise spend on expensive store-bought items. If you need to secure your decorations a bit more, strong adhesives or HandiTAK can help. Project Details: here.

Eco-Friendly Front Porch

Eco-Friendly Front Porch

Eco-Friendly Front Porch

Forego spending dollars on Christmas decorations for your front porch. Instead, gather loads of pine cones, tall branches and fir trimmings. Go through your storage for winter gear such as an old sled. Use fir trimmings to line your door with and attach them together for a garland-esque appearance. Next, grab some old pots and set one on each side of your entrance way. Add in some dirt and stick in your branches. Adorn these branches with pine cones and Christmas lights. You can also add random bows and add a sign or two for a complete front porch that’s ready for the holidays! Remember to use adhesive hooks such as Super Klips to keep decoration linings in place. Project details: here.

No matter your budget, you can get into the Christmas spirit with some simple and cost effective decorations courtesy of your surrounds and Super Glue products.

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HandiTAK: The Perfect Craft Companion

November 7th, 2016
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Green christmas candles and decoration

Green christmas candles and decoration

Have you been looking for an adhesive that will make crafting easier? Are you looking for something that will allow you to stick the pieces of your project together, while still allowing you the freedom of moving the pieces around? Then HandiTAK might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

 What is HandiTAK?

HandiTAK is a reusable adhesive that replaces tape, pushpins, and tacks. It works on most surfaces and is great for securing pictures, keys, pens, and lots of other items. HandiTAK is also non-toxic, and acid and lignin free. Simply knead a small piece of HandiTAK into a ball, place it between surfaces to be fastened and press firmly.

HandiTAK works best on/for:

  • China
  • Greeting cards
  • Party decorations
  • Straightening pictures
  • Vases
  • Crystal
  • Notes
  • Posters
  • Telephone pads

HandiTAK Craft Ideas


Perfect Bridesmaid
This folksy and quirky bridal-shower belle is constructed from household tools that a young couple will appreciate. Build one for a party centerpiece—it just takes a little creativity and a trip to a home store. This creation comes from the folks over at Woman’s Day.

What you’ll need:

  • Ironing board
  • Wire
  • Heavy-duty tape
  • Mop
  • Apron
  • 2 wooden spoons
  • Gloves
  • Tissue
  • Round baking pan
  • HandiTAK
  • 2 tart pans
  • 2 bars of soap
  • A cork
  • Bath beads
  • Fake pearl necklace
  • Brushes
  • Net sponges
  • Ribbon
  • Trash can or bucket
  • Rocks or canned goods


  1. Lay ironing board face down. Use wire or heavy-duty tape to attach a dust mop to the back of the board, with mop “hair” at the board’s narrow end.
  2. Turn board over and tie apron around it, ending with the strings hanging in the front.
  3. Attach wooden spoons for arms to the ironing-board cover with wire (poke wire through cover and twist around spoons).
  4. Stuff gloves with tissue, and place one over the end of each spoon. Use straight pins to fasten gloves to the apron.
  5. Attach a pan for a face by tightly taping it from side to side around the back of the ironing board and under the dust mop hair.
  6. Use HandiTAK to secure tart pan eyes to the face, then to hold soap inside each eye. Also use HandiTAK to secure a cork nose and a bath bead mouth.
  7. Make a bouquet of brushes, net sponge, and ribbon. Secure the bouquet with rubber bands. Attach the bouquet to the front of the doll, using the apron strings to hold it in place.
  8. Place laundry bag over the hair as a veil, and add fake pearls under the head. Finished doll can be propped upright in a bucket or trash can weighted with rocks or canned goods.

Candle Decoration
A super easy and fun craft project is decorating pillar candles. A great way to decorate pillar candles in the summer is to use starfish, as was chosen by the original crafter, Deb, over at The Inspired Trader’s Vintage Voice. This adult craft idea makes an upscale table decoration for evening dinning or wedding décor, and, when your event is done, you can use these candles around the house. While Deb suggests using miniature starfish in the original post (they’re available on her website), feel free to use an alternative decoration if starfish aren’t a personal favorite of yours.

What you’ll need:

  • Candle or candles
  • Starfish (or other decorations)
  • Glue Gun
  • Multi temp glue sticks
  • HandiTAK
  • Pencil with eraser end


  1. Take a two- or three-inch strip of the HandiTAK and roll it into a thin, round rope form. Remove bits and roll into tiny balls.
  2. Apply the tiny balls to the center of the starfish (or your chosen decoration) and create a pattern on your candle. The advantage of the HandiTAK is, if you don’t like your design, you can move the starfish around until it’s just the way you want it.
  3. Plug in your glue gun and insert a glue stick a couple of minutes before you are ready to glue so that it has a chance to preheat.
  4. One by one, remove the starfish from the candle so that you can easily glue it back in place and keep your lovely design.
  5. Remove the HandiTAK from the starfish and place a tiny amount of hot glue to the center of the starfish. Allow it to cool just for a moment and then carefully pick up the starfish by the legs and place it on the candle, pressing the center with the eraser end of a pencil to avoid burning your fingers.
  6. Repeat until all your starfish are attached to the candle.