Avoid a Sticky Situation: Industrial Adhesive Safety Tips

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While industrial adhesive, or super glue, can be useful in a number of different ways, it can also be difficult to use and can often cause problems if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Before you think about using your tube of super glue to fix an item, think about whether or not you should learn some safety tips in order to make the process a little less sticky.

Make Sure to Read the Application Instructions

Some of the biggest mishaps tend to happen when users of Super Glue do not know how to properly apply it. One way to solve this is to take a thorough look at the instructions on the back. It can also help you find the right product for your specific needs and what you need to accomplish. The warning and precautions are also written on the back, so you can decide which applicator to use so you don’t run into problems with excess glue.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Air

An adhesive can be useful, but too many fumes from it can also cause breathing problems if you are exposed to it for a long time. When you are working with the product, you will want to work in a well-ventilated area. Make sure there is plenty of air coming through and that you can breathe normally. If you start to feel lightheaded, you might want to take a break or take your work outside with you so there is less risk.

Take Steps before Opening the Container

You will want to take time to properly set up your work space before you begin your project. After you have put together your work space and you have laid out what needs to be glued, you will want to carefully open the container. Remember to keep the tube away from your face as there’s always the possibility for the glue to spurt up into your face and get in your eyes.

Cover Areas You Don’t Want Glued

One way to avoid getting glue in places that you don’t want is to protect your work area (aluminum foil works well). Also, consider wearing plastic gloves so you can avoid getting glue on your hands—it can be difficult to get off and can hurt your skin.

Take Care of the Glue on Your Skin

If you find that you have gotten super glue on your skin, you will want to be careful on how you choose to get it off. Do not try and rip off the dry glue—this can rip off some of your own skin and can be very painful. The best thing to do is immerse the area in warm, soapy water. Peel or roll skin apart; a spatula or teaspoon handle or even a pencil will help. Remove cured adhesive with warm, soapy water may take several applications. Fingernail polish remover with an acetone base has also been successful for removal of cured adhesive from skin.

Beware of Wool or Cotton

Both cotton and wool can often cause problems when it reacts to super glue. If you have any wool or cotton near the super glue, it can sometimes lead to catching on fire. You should consider removing it so you do not have an issue and you can avoid serious potential damage. You will also want to make sure that you do not wear clothing made of wool or cotton while working on a project.

Clean Up

Once you have finished a project, you should carefully cap the glue and make sure to clean up the working area.


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