How to Repair the Weatherstripping on Your Car

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Wintertime’s cold air, chilly rains and falling snow certainly all know how to make an entrance. Some people adore this type of weather and welcome it with open arms, while others would simply prefer to avoid it at all costs. In any case, one thing we can all safely agree upon, is that the blustery elements of winter belong outside of our cars and not in them.

Weatherstrips are pieces of rubber that prevent rainwater from seeping into a vehicle’s interior, as well as also keeping out drafts of air. Installed around areas such as car windows and doors, these strips of rubber also stop glass from rattling and reduce the sound of road noise. However, when these rubber seals become damaged or worn with age, the outside is able to work its way inside. Pro Seal’s Super Weatherstrip Adhesive can provide a strong and secure seal which keeps the piece of rubber and the intruding wintry weather both in their rightful places.

Steps to Repair

Sometimes, weatherstrips can tear from a door or window frame in a certain spot, but the condition of the rubber is still springy and sufficient. In these cases, a repair may be all that’s needed. But when a weatherstrip has become worn out or cracked, then replacement is most likely necessary.

If your weatherstrip does not need to be completely replaced, but just reattached to do its job, follow these few, simple steps. First, you’ll need to use a gentle cleaner to clean the rubber and the surface area in which the strip has become loose. Once that has been done and has been dried, apply a small line of the adhesive to the back of the rubber and to the channel. Next, allow the adhesive to dry somewhat until it’s of a tacky consistency.

Then, reposition the strip and press it into place. Use masking tape to secure the rubber seal while the adhesive dries. Pro Seal’s Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is quick drying, but some people leave the tape on for a little under an hour before removing.

Seal Out the Weather, But Let The Sticky Stories Pour In

Weatherstripping does a good deed when it comes to keeping the elements on the outside of your car. With El Nino in our midst and the wet and wild ways of winter in our path, it’s important to maintain and/or replace these useful rubber strips before our vehicle’s interior is affected.

So, if you’ve also used Pro Seal’s Super Weatherstrip Adhesive for such a repair, we’d love to hear your tale. Please share it with everyone on Super Glue’s Facebook page. Oh, and don’t forget to try and stay warm this winter season!





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