The Ultimate Centerpiece Activity to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Thanksgiving

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Fall has arrived. Sure, it’s rather shocking that the year has flown by so fast, but it’s also the perfect time to start preparing for festive crafts for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season. With the gathering of family and friends, the making of a delicious feast and the process of keeping children entertained, many people find that they have a whole lot on their plate — both figuratively and literally speaking.


However, with a little help from Super Glue, these pinecone turkey centerpiece craft ideas will provide kids (and adults) with a fun activity in between those heaping plates of food.


What You’ll Need

It’s a wonderful time for family to gather together, and what better way to really bring people together than with a craft time. This craft presents the great opportunity of going on a family nature walk and collecting the pinecones that are needed.


If you gather more than are used for the craft, you can always preserve the pinecones to make them last longer for Christmas time decorating ideas. Another option is simply purchasing them online or at your local craft store.


Additional Required Materials:

  • Crayons
  • Super Glue ACCUTOOL®
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors/kids scissors
  • Markers
  • Pom Poms (optional)
  • Wiggle eyes (optional)


Making The Turkey Day Treasures


Creative Crayon Holder

Using the pinecone as the body of a turkey, it’s super easy to make a cute, festive kiddie table topper and crayon holder. First, select a pinecone that has enough distance in between the scales to fit 4 or more crayons in a fanned out pattern, like feathers. Then remove the crayons.


Next, have the children create the face/neck and feet shapes out of the cardstock. Depending on the child’s age, this may require a little assistance from an adult. The figure 8 shape for the neck and the heart shape for the feet can be pre-drawn out for kids to color, decorate and then cut out. Otherwise, children can make their own pieces if they are able.


Once the shape is ready, for safety reasons parents should be the ones to use the ACCUTOOL® to glue them on. The precision applicator allows for a single drop to be dispensed, or continuous streams. To create the turkey, simply apply a few drops or a small stream to the base of the pinecone and then adhere the figure 8 cardstock shape. Once dry, grab the heart shaped piece and adhere to the bottom side of the pinecone for the turkey’s feet.


After the shapes have been glued on, all that’s left to do is put the crayons back in the pinecone. Not only is this turkey table topper simple for kids and parents to create, but it’s a craft that keeps on giving, offering children the fun of using their crayons and putting them back in their holder as they color and work on other activities at the kid’s table.


 Another Centerpiece Idea


If you’re looking for another centerpiece idea, try having the kids make pinecone turkeys that display what they are thankful for this year. This is a cute spin-off of a Thanksgiving thankful tree craft. Once again using the pinecone as the turkey’s body, have the children write down their blessings on cardstock strips or a cutout tracing of their hand.


Next, super glue the piece (or pieces) to the base of the pinecone. Create the turkey’s head out of a fluffy pom pom, wiggle eyes, and a cardstock mouth. This piece should be adhered more towards the tip of the cone. Once finished, this centerpiece craft is sure to make you smile as it displays the heartfelt, and sometimes amusing, things children are thankful for.


 Tell us Your Thanksgiving Tale


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