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It’s a commonly known fact that hobbyists love to make things. They enjoy the art of building something bit by bit, piece by piece, with the use of steady hands and a keen eye. Often, along with patience and skill, they rely on one other element to complete their work: adhesives. Come to think of it, it’s hard to imagine what we’d all do without them.

But for hobbyists in particular, glue needs to not only make things stick, it needs to work within the demands of their recreational project. Many hobbyists use Zap brand adhesives because they offer the strength, durability, and resistance to shock these projects require. Whether it’s a model they’re building or a moving mechanism, connecting the parts with a quality adhesive means each treasured creation has a better chance of being its best and lasting long.

Connecting The Parts With Canopy Glue

One of the most popular adhesives hobbyists and modelers use is called canopy glue. In the modeling world, canopies are pieces that are used to cover the cockpit of an aircraft or another vehicle. They are often clear and made of plastic or fiberglass.

Zap’s Formula 560 Canopy Glue is excellent at attaching these essential pieces because the bond created remains flexible yet strong, and can withstand vibration and high speeds. Additionally, hobbyists use this type of adhesive because it doesn’t fog the canopy and excess amounts can be wiped away easily with a wet cloth.

Formula 560 may have “canopy” in its name, but it can also be useful for hobbyists in different types of applications. For makers of RC planes, it can be used to glue the hinges of the control surfaces, the moveable parts on the wing and tail that enable maneuvering. This glue is recommended for connecting these hinges because of how well it adheres to the plastic, and how it swells the wood, which adds to the bond created.

Tell Us All The Details

A lot goes into building the intricate models and projects hobbyists create. If you used Zap’s Formula 560 Canopy Glue for your creation, we’d love to have you share the details on Super Glue’s Facebook page. And if there are any gaps in your story, well I’m sure we’ve got something sticky to fill those in!


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