Home Remedies For Removing Super Glue

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For countless people, Super Glue is the essential bonding agent for household repairs, DIY projects, crafts and other types of applications. Occasionally during the fixing or crafting process, mishaps or spills can occur. This can make for some very interesting situations. Here are a few home remedies to help remove Super Glue.


Unstick Tricks

Before we get into a few home remedies to unstick any stuck fingers and the like, let’s mention one great product to keep handy around your next DIY project: Super Glue Remover. Its gel formula is extremely useful when removing this adhesive and other kinds of instant glues, because it does not drip or run off into areas where you did not apply it.


As for home-based solutions, most of them contain acetone, an organic compound that is commonly found in household nail polish remover. Acetone is able to break down the strong bonds by reversing the polymeric reaction. It should be used for Super Glue removal with caution (it can mar some surfaces) and care, and can work on the following surfaces:


Fingers/skin – Using nail polish remover that contains acetone, apply a small amount to the glued fingers and gently peel fingers apart.


Counters/floors – Acetone can be used on various floors and surface areas to remove Super Glue. Start by applying a very small amount, and then immediately try taking the softened glue off by sanding, scraping, etc. Reapply if necessary, and then repeat the process.


Fabric – Even though acetone is very effective at removing the adhesive, it works better on some materials, rather than others. With fabrics, it can work to take off the glue, but it may also discolor the cloth. Instead, a mixture of laundry detergent and warm water may also help to remove the glue from fabric. After gently scrubbing with the mixture for a few minutes, apply some warm vinegar to the glued area. This can take a little time to soften the glue, but it doesn’t tend to damage the cloth.


Other Handy Home Remedies


There are several other methods that have been known to achieve the unstick trick.


  • Warm Water & Soap: Simple and easy, this remedy involves merely soaking glued fingers in a cup of warm water and mild soap for a few minutes, and then peeling the skin away carefully and rinsing afterwards.
  • Butter: Apply butter to the bonded area. Once it softens, gently peel fingers apart.
  • Make a Salt Paste: Make a salt paste from a couple of tablespoons of salt and a little water. Rub the paste onto the glued fingers for about a minute, then rinse. If still adhered, apply the paste again and continue the process until gone.
  • Use Petroleum Jelly: Massage glued skin with petroleum jelly. Repeat the massage until skin is loose.


What Worked For You?

Do you know of a nifty home remedy that works to remove super-powered Super Glue? Your story may help others with their sticky situations, so please share the details on our Facebook page!


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