Bring Your Broken Jewelry Back to Life with Super Glue

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Steampunk your jewelry in a few simple steps.

Wearing jewelry offers up a great opportunity to dazzle up your outfit, make a fun fashion statement, and express your unique sense of style. However, when an emotionally valuable piece breaks, its final destination is often doomed for the junk jewelry drawer or the bottom of the wastebasket. Instead of simply tossing these bits and pieces away, gather them up and do a little DIY design.

What You’ll Need

With the help of Super Glue, you can bring old and broken jewelry back to life in creative and inspiring ways. Here are some additional tools and elements you can use to redesign your jewelry in no time:

  • Gold or Silver Toned Chains
  • Old Watches
  • Worn Jewelry Pieces: charms, lockets, pins, beads, and gems
  • Vintage Items: small padlocks, keys, and key rings
  • Tweezers

Steps To Steampunk Your Jewelry

If you have the jewelry style in mind, creating steampunk jewelry may be right up your alley. In a unique blend of Victorian and industrial/mechanical styles, steampunk jewelry captures the essence of the past and the future and transforms “junk” into art. Steps to making these masterpieces include:

  1. Choose Your Pieces: Focus on old watches, gear charms, vintage keys, and lockets for a stylish steampunk look.
  2. Disassemble Old Watches: Remove watch faces and gears from your busted timepieces.
  3. Plan Your Design: Layer jewelry elements, like the watch face or glitzy charms on top of watch gears, or vintage keys hanging from a keyring. Next, determine which combinations look best and fits your style.
  4. Glue Them Together: Applying small drops, and begin to glue down your design. Super Glue works well on nonporous materials such as metal, and sets in seconds, providing a strong bond for your jewelry creation. Use tweezers if necessary to attach tiny beads and gems. You can also use the adhesive to bond the layered gears and charms directly to the chain, or attach a small connector link to the gear if you desire dangly movement.
  5. Dry Before Wearing: Although Super Glue bonds instantly, it’s best to let your design set for about half an hour or so before wearing. After that time period, you can either decide whether to wear or share your steampunk masterpiece!

Other Tips to Creating Innovative Jewelry

Remember that DIY jewelry design is the perfect chance to create unique pieces so don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities.

If you have broken chains that vary in link style and color, try connecting portions of different chains together to create one interesting strand.

You can also try using unexpected elements like old locks, coins, bottle caps, and buttons. You just may be surprised at how much they enhance your creation.

Share Your Redesign Story

Did you also use Super Glue to bring your broken jewelry back to life again? We’d love to hear about your “from junk to glory” story. Please share the details with us on our Facebook page!


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