The Glue Reveals The Clue

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Glue helps crack the case by lifting fingerprints from weapon.

Many of us are familiar with the popular entertainment trend of criminal investigation programs, showcasing the art of forensics and the process of catching criminals. As riveting as they may be, it’s not always so simple. However, as shown in the New Scientist article, “Vapourised Super Glue helps lift fingerprint from gun trigger,” sometimes life really does pan out like it would onscreen.

Playing a vital role in forensics, super glue is used in a method called cyanoacrylate fuming to reveal fingerprint evidence. It can be difficult to obtain fingerprint evidence from firearms, especially around the trigger, but in this case, the adhesive worked to bring about a successful result. You could say that the “sticky” helped solve the tricky.

How exciting is it that this everyday product found in tons of households, can also be utilized in the name of justice to catch criminals? Discover how to use our favorite bonding solutions in your own fingerprint finding activity, fun for both children and the amateur detective-at-heart.

Also, do tell us how you used this adhesive for your repair rescues or inspiring innovations, and you could win some nifty free samples!


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