How I Fixed My Cracked Circuit Board with Epoxy

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circuit boards could use some repairs every now and then.


Sometimes we can crack due to pressure. This time, my PC motherboard cracked due to heat. I discovered that there weren’t enough fans in my computer to cool the circuit board properly and it split from the excessive thermal stress. Partly because I like fixing electronics for fun, and partly because I’m not rolling around in money to buy a new one, I decided to get a little crafty and repair the broken board using Super Glue’s Quick Setting Epoxy.

Epoxy Features

  • Industrial strength
  • 2-part epoxy adhesive
  • Works well on plastics, metal, ceramics & more
  • Quick-setting

The Motherboard of All Repairs

To begin my repair, I made sure my workspace was clean and dry. Next, I took the blister the epoxy came in and with one push, the resin and the hardener came out equally. I mixed the resin and the hardener and applied the epoxy to my cracked circuit, smearing the adhesive gently into the crack. I took special care not to damage the circuit board traces.

Keeping the motherboard tight, I was impressed by how quickly the epoxy set, taking only about 4-6 minutes. I made a few other technical adjustments, and also added additional fans to cool my computer sufficiently this time. But before I knew it, my circuit board was back, without the crack, and working its communication magic once more.

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