Using Plastic Fusion to Fix Headphones

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broken headphones can still be salvaged

Constantly traveling for work, and occasionally for pleasure, I always make sure I bring certain things along for my trip. Toothbrush, check. Clean clothes, check. Favorite pair of headphones that I couldn’t resist buying because the comfort and the sound clarity was just too amazing, check. But recently, upon returning home from Japan, I unpacked everything and noticed the band of my beloved headphones had somehow cracked. I decided to use Single-Use Plastic Fusion and attempted to repair my beat-up phones so that I could go back to listening to the best beats.

Plastic Fusion Features:

  • Easy to mix
  • Strong industrial strength
  • Quick-setting time
  • Works best on plastics, concrete, metals & more
  • Single use amount great for small projects

Mixing It Up & Fixing It Up

I had to be honest, the headphone damage could have been worse. Wires were exposed, but thankfully not broken in any way. It was a small, clean break of the plastic and the single-use amount would provide enough adhesive for this repair.

First of all, I made sure the cracked band was both clean and dry. Next, I took a small container and dispersed the contents of the two tubes, using equal parts. I then mixed the resin and the hardener together and applied the epoxy to the edges of the plastic headphone band. Lastly, I utilized one of my heavy duty art clips from my college days, to clamp the band together while the epoxy set.

Roughly 5 to 10 minutes later, the plastic fusion set. Now it’s back together in one piece, I was once again able to enjoy my favorite high-end headphones in peace. Check.

Share Your Repair

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