Ceramic Repair with Super Glue Gel

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Broken pieces of a ceramic vase

Sure, I love a mystery, especially when I’m curled up by a fire with a good book or watching a thrilling movie late at night. I did not feel the same enthusiasm, however, when trying to solve the case of who broke my favorite vase. Our home had several suspects, both human and animal, but the interrogation had to wait while I figured out how to repair the ceramic vase. Weighing the benefits of epoxy and Super Glue, I decided on using Super Glue Gel.

Steps for Repair

  • First I gathered up all the vase pieces. (Thankfully, there weren’t that many pieces and it was fairly easy to figure out how they went together.)
  • Starting from the base of the vase, I began to glue the fragments together.
  • One by one, I bonded each piece together.


Closing the Book on the Broken Vase Case

In minutes my vase was complete. Anytime something like a vase breaks, it can be very difficult to get that item looking new and unbroken again.

However, I was quite happy with my end results and by how simple it was to complete the project using Super Glue Gel for ceramic repair. So, now I went back to pondering the possible culprit and sighed. The case of how to fix the broken vase had been solved, but perhaps it was best to have the mystery of who did it remain a mystery, after all.

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