Broken Bits Begone with Super Glue Single Use Gel

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turtle eye repair


[Image: Super Glue Corp Twitter – via Bill G.]

Almost everyone has run into a situation where the smallest piece has broken off of a treasured item. Maybe it was a favorite nic-nac or a handmade craft project. In Bill G.’s case, it was the eye off of a stuffed toy turtle. No matter what, we want to get the item fixed and fixed fast before that tiny piece has somehow disappeared or gets eaten by your pet dog, Rover. Super Glue Gel Single Use Minis are good for making small repairs and they are fuss-free to use.


Here’s how to go about using it for all of your quick fix projects.


Using Single-Use Gel:

  1. Find that small broken piece:(Easier said than done).

  2. Apply the gel to the edges of the piece: Use the nozzle tip for precision. This is best for applying to hard to reach spots.

  3. Reapply as needed: Depending on the surface area of the piece, reapplying may be beneficial.

  4. Adhere the piece: Press the gelled piece firmly to the item and wait briefly for the Super Glue to dry.


Product Benefits

It’s always nice when you no longer have to worry about that broken bit getting lost in the couch cushions or somehow thrown out with the trash. The gel consistency, which works well on porous surfaces, makes it all that much simpler because it doesn’t drip, run or make a big mess. Plus, the single use size is practical for small projects that don’t require a super large amount of glue.


For Bill G.’s repair, he loved this single use feature and was easily able to restore the one-eyed stuffed pink turtleback to its full glory. Did you have a similar quick fix situation and use Super Glue Single-Use Gel? We’d love for you to share your story on our Facebook page.



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