Going the Extra Tile with Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive

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waterproof epoxy for tiles

How come it always seems like just before a party or gathering, I suddenly remember the handful of household repairs I meant to get to ages ago? Super Glue’s Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive really came to the rescue on one such occasion, the day before my daughter’s 16th birthday I noticed a few missing tiles. I wanted everything to look presentable and pristine in time for the party. I decided to apply the adhesive to my pool tiles due to it’s waterproof and quick-bonding capabilities.

So What does Waterproof Epoxy Adhesive do?:

  • Works underwater or in the presence of water

  • It remains waterproof

  • Acts perfectly for marine projects

  • Produces a strong, flexible bond

  • Sets in just 3-4 hours

  • Works on ceramic, fiberglass, rubber, wood and other materials

After seeing how easily and efficiently I was able to repair my pool, I even had time to use this waterproof epoxy on my shower tiles. Like the pool repair, this project was simple and quick. Not to mention, the 2-part syringe applicator left no spilling or mess when securing these tiles. Thankfully, I was able to get my home repairs done quickly and easily and everything looked great for the party.

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