Don’t Toss it Out – Repair it with Bondini!

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Repairs with bondini for birdhouses


Have you had the misfortune of seeing your bird house broken and on the floor? Whether you made your birdhouse or purchased it, no one wants to see a broken birdhouse! Using Bondini Everything Gel, you can repair your bird house and quickly place it back in its spot.

How to Use Bondini Everything Gel:

The best part about using this adhesive is that it works on a broad range of surfaces. If your birdhouse is made out of wood, plastic, or cardboard you can still use this gel to repair it.

Step 1: Gather all the pieces of your birdhouse, including all the small pieces.

Step 2: Carefully lay out all of your pieces and display them in the position they will be placed. This way you can quickly apply the Bondini adhesive quickly and not worry about trying to make it fit.

Step 3: It’s best to glue your bigger pieces first and then your smaller ones, this is because you will need enough room to place the bigger pieces correctly.

Step 4: Often times when things break it may be difficult to find all the pieces or the pieces may have gotten destroyed from the fall, but you can still find a way to salvage your work of art. For example, for a birdhouse you can use pebbles, tiles, or even seashells to cover the gaps of the broken areas.

Get creative and decorate your birdhouse with any items you want, Bondini is powerful enough to hold any product in place.

Get your birdhouse ready and put them up as soon as you can, birds are continually looking for nesting areas, so you never know where the little visitors will claim residence. Show us how Bondini Everything Gel helped you fix your birdhouse and other valuable household items on our Facebook page!


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