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Egg Carton Train – Crafts for Kids!

December 23rd, 2014
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Egg carton train Embark on an epic journey with your kids on this easy and fun DIY train project! Your kids will be able to create their own trains and their own toys. It is simple for them to put together using Front Porch Treasures Pre-Cut Tape!

What You Will Need:

  • Egg Carton
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Paint
  • Toilet Roll
  • Cotton
  • Paper
  • Front Porch Treasures Pre-Cut Tape

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces

You might have to pre-cut all the parts to make it easier, you can start by cutting out multiple small circles on construction paper for the wheels. Then cut out your egg carton, you can use three egg slots or two for the train cart, you can make the trains as long as you wish. Make sure to cut out one egg slot for the top of your train.

Step 2: Paint Your Pieces

Choose your paint colors; I used red and green for mine. Have the kids paint their train parts and set them aside to dry. The length of time will depend on the type of paint used, but for craft paint it usually takes about an hour.

Step 3: Connect Your Train

Once your parts have dried, it is time to connect your train! Using a hole puncher, scissors or anything you have on hand, create a hole into the egg carton and at the end of your toilet paper roll. After, take your pipe cleaner and cut it down to your desired length and then insert it into both holes and twist to tighten.

Step 4: Add Details

Using your pre-cut foam mounting tape, you can attach all the final details to your train. The double-sided tape is easy for the kids to use. Add a piece to the back of your wheels and to the single egg slot and place them onto your train.

To create the funnel for your cotton, cut a small circle out and create a slit to the middle and then pull it into a cone shape and tape it in place. Then add in your cotton for a smoke effect and you have an adorable train!

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Sparkle All Night with these DIY Super Glue Hats

December 17th, 2014
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Super Glue New Years Hats


Are you hosting New Year’s Eve extravaganza? Create your own party hats using super glue. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your evening. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions on how to add your sparkly touch for your New Year’s Eve bash.

What You Will Need:

– Card Stock

– Super Glue

– Tinsel

– Elastic Cord

– Glitter (optional)

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Print out a template, here’s one from, trace the template onto your cardstock and cut it out. Using different color and or pattern designed cardstock is a great way to add more of a personal touch.

Step 2: Shape it!

Gently fold your cardstock into a cone and insert the tab into the slit, and add in a few drops of Super Glue to make sure it holds in place.

Step 3: Secure it with Super Glue

Now that you have your cone, it’s time to add your decorations to it. Using Super Glue, add a thin line to the bottom rim and place your tinsel around the base. You can also cut a small portion of tinsel and a drop of glue and place it at the top of your hat.

Step 4: Add Elastic

In order to make sure your guests are able to keep their hats on, cut an elastic cord (18 inches) and Super Glue it to the inside of the hat. Using super adhesives will add in a strong hold and make sure it doesn’t come off anyone’s hat throughout the night.

Step 5: Get Creative!

Now that your hat has the essentials, you can customize each hat however you like. Try adding 2015 to some hats, Happy New Year’s to others, or simply sprinkle on glitter. Be creative and have fun.

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Personalized Snow Globes: A DIY Holiday Gift!

December 9th, 2014
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Super Glue Snow Globes Edit


The holidays are here, yet again! We take so much time to concentrate on our immediate family’s gifts but also have so many more loved ones to give presents to. The hardest part is to avoid breaking our bank accounts. This simple do-it-yourself project is a great way to provide a personalized gift that is easy on your wallet and only takes a few minutes to put together using Super Glue!

Materials Needed:

  • Super Glue
  • Clear Mason jar with lid
  • Fine glitter
  • Water
  • Tiny Christmas figurines

Almost any clear jar works for this project, you can use baby-food containers, spice containers, or even pickle jars. Once you have found your set of jars, now you can use your imagination to create a beautiful whimsical winter season inside your snow globe.

Choose either plastic or ceramic figurines that fit inside your globe. Stay away from metal that will rust. You can use a small pine tree figurine and/or a small animal, anything you want! The best thing about this project is that you create a totally unique snow globe for each person.

Step 1: Begin by adding a few drops of Super Glue to the bottom of your figurines and mount them to the inside of the jar’s lid. Super glue will dry in seconds and provide you with a lasting, strong hold which will keep your figurines in place even when you shake your snow globe.

Step 2: Fill the jar with water and add in the fine glitter. Fine glitter will create the snowing effect; just add a few pinches of glitter – too much glitter will make the jar look foggy.

Step 3: Add a few drops of Super Glue around the inside of the lid and close it tightly to ensure that no one accidently spills glitter or water all over themselves upon opening their gift.

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4 Reasons Why Super Glue is Awesome

December 2nd, 2014
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Super Glue Preserve Snow Edit


Super Glue is known as one of the best accidental inventions of all times. It is a common household item, because of its ability to quickly glue objects together. Here are few things you may not know about Super Glue and its awesome capabilities.

Emergency Kit

Super Glue is small enough to fit in any kit and can be a real lifesaver. For small cuts, you can apply a very small amount of Super Glue to the disinfected cut. It will close the wound in seconds and stop any bleeding. It can also stop irritation from a blister, by acting as a barrier when applied around the blister.

Great Alternative to Tape

When something breaks, Super Glue can easily repair the damage quickly and keep the object together permanently. Unlike tape which can be strong but unsightly, Super Glue dries clear and is also sturdier than your traditional duct tape. However, you can also combine both products for an extra strong hold!

Professional Repair Job in a Small Tube

A little amount goes a long way with Super Glue; it can repair your reading glasses, shoes, furniture, or a leak on a water bottle. Possibilities are endless!

Save Your Snowflakes

Another amazingly wonderful thing you can do with Super Glue is preserve falling snowflakes! Using just a small drop of Superglue and microscope slides, and you can preserve snowflakes and keep them for as long as you like. You will be able to see each snowflakes unique design and preserve it for years to come!

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