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Removing Super Glue from Unwanted Surfaces

October 31st, 2014
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Super Glue Remove from wood



Super Glue can hold together almost anything, from small refrigerator magnets to cracks in furniture. Super Glue does not discriminate and will adhere itself to any surface. What can you do when some drops of Super Glue get on your desk, floor, or even on your hands?

Nail polish remover with acetone can be your best friend in these sticky situations. It can break down the dried up substance from any surface. However, acetone from nail polish is a harsh chemical that can damage some surfaces. Before you begin, apply only a small amount to an inconspicuous spot and wait about 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that the acetone will not eat through your surface. If your surface can handle it, apply some acetone to a dry cloth and start by dabbing at the dried glue until the entire residue is gone. Once the stain is completely removed, use a damp cloth with clean water to get rid of the remaining acetone chemical and odor.

If you notice that the acetone is damaging your furniture, sanding it down will be the best alternative. However, this option can also damage your furniture and may require professional assistance. Sanding down the furniture can be tricky and the furniture may require some polish afterwards to blend in.

Super Glue is an amazing adhesive that can help you out with any type of project you may have, but always remember to protect your surrounding areas to avoid having to remove it. Once it dries on a surface it can be stubborn to remove. For more information on how to remove super glue refer to our Safety Page. Happy gluing!

Super Glue Saves Jack’ O Lanterns

October 13th, 2014
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Brace yourselves, the great pumpkin wars are upon us. We know there is never a better time than now to let your imagination run wild. But sometimes our creativity and ideas get the best of us, so when you run into pumpkin carving mishaps and realize that you cut one piece too many, “Who are you going to call?” Well you can’t call The Ghostbusters, they are already fighting their own battles with ghosts and ghouls, so call Super Glue.


Some people have found that Super Glue is their best option to help solve pumpkin problems. These brave ghouls and ghosts don’t let a small hiccup stand in their way of achieving perfection, and starting over is not an option, especially when you are creating a Death Star masterpiece, like the one above. While carving the Death Star’s center vein the carver accidently cut too deep and the pumpkin split in half! The pumpkin carver’s solution? SUPER GLUE of course!


No matter what design you choose for your pumpkin this season, you may find Super Glue is a useful tool to help you decorate. We are always enthused to hear about useful craftsmanship that came with using our products. Tell us how you used Super Glue to help you solve your misfortunate problems on our Facebook page:

Crafting Candy Jars with Super Glue

October 6th, 2014
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halloween candy jars


It’s that time of year again. Is your house prepared to host a spooky gathering? Halloween Candy Jars are a great way to decorate your home and provide sweet treats at the same time. This simple DIY can be created with only a few items without sacrificing your wallet.

To begin this project you will need candlesticks, jars, knobs, black spray paint, and super glue to hold everything together.

You can begin by spray painting your candlesticks, lids, and knobs and leaving them out to dry for about 15 minutes. Once each item is dry, super glue each piece together.

Super glue is the perfect adhesive to assist in small projects such as this one. Using a little goes a long way and dries very quickly making it easier for you to get your project done quickly. Just a small dab can glue the knob to the top of the lid and another small dab can glue the candle stick to the bottom of the jar!

Purchase your favorite Halloween candy and fill the jars. For some goriness, you can also purchase some fake blood and add a bloody handprint around the jar!

A great thing about this project is that you can reuse these jars during the holiday season and all you need to do is add a candle and you’ve created a new look. Enjoy!

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