Can Super Glue Tow a Truck?

September 3, 2014 by Leave a reply »
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PHOTO Credit: MythBusters

[Image: MythBusters]

In the above Web exclusive video from MythBusters, the crew attempts to rig up a Super Glue tow truck. While the idea should work in theory – our logo after all illustrates Super Glue suspending a car – the application in this particular instance is not as straightforward. The movement experienced when towing a vehicle is very different than that of a vehicle being suspended in the air.

Super Glue bonds are strong, but forces like torque can disrupt them when applied in different directions. In other words, every bump in the road can threaten the integrity of the glue. The group in the video might have had better luck with something slightly more flexible, like our Rubber Toughened Super Glue. Of course, this was all just for fun. Towing a vehicle bumper-to-bumper is a poor idea in any circumstance, and this application goes well beyond the many uses for Super Glue.



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