Save Your Model Train Tracks with Rail-Zip 2

August 29, 2014 by Leave a reply »
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Although we are primarily known for the wide range of adhesive products we offer, Super Glue products are also popular among hobbyists who have other needs. For instance, our Rail-Zip 2 is among the must-have items any model train enthusiast keeps on hand. For those with a passion for miniature railways, this product is a concentrated track cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Common problems like arcing and sparking are a thing of the past when you use this easily applied treatment.

As many model rail enthusiasts have noted, Rail-Zip 2 keeps your trains running smoothly after applying just a few drops to the rail lines. It never leaves a residue like some other, similar products. Just use it as part of your regular cleaning routine for optimal conductivity for your trains. It can also be used for other applications, such as the contact points on fuses, spark plugs, and other electrical systems. This makes Rail-Zip 2 a handy piece of garage equipment. If you are meticulous in the way you care for your car or motorcycle, this product might just be your favorite new part of your regular maintenance routine.


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