A Super Glue Repair Worth £17,000

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[Image: Mirror]

The vase pictured above recently went for £17,000 at auction in Cardiff, England. It was also broken into six pieces not long before that. So how did this item fetch such a high price after literally being shattered? Why, Super Glue, of course.

That’s right. The seller of this beautiful vase – which depicts Charles Emmanuel III, King of Sardinia, circa 1730 – repaired it using Super Glue and sold it at auction for almost $35,000. The auctioneers initially thought the piece would go for much less, starting the bidding at a mere £200. They thought that the damage would turn potential buyers off, but apparently that patch job with Super Glue really did the trick.

Okay, that may be a bit of an overstatement. Although the repairs using Super Glue look pretty good from here, the buyer actually plans to have the vase further restored. After that, he plans to make back his investment and more when he sells it to a collector. Still, we’d like to think that some of that £17,000 was for Super Glue.


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